The Ultimate Cannabis Strain guide

Blueberry Headband will allow you to connect with your inner Willy Wonka and be one with the Blueberry. The original strain had parents '76 Blueberry, Emerald OG Kush, Cali Sour D, and Pre-98 Bubba Kush bred into one happy, evenly-balanced, hybrid family. The delicious notes of berries meet harmoniously with a skunky lemon diesel aroma leaving both the nose and palette intrigued and happy. The high is well balanced between indica and sativa effects starting with a powerful cerebral rush and pure happiness. Transitioning into an uplifted and relaxed experience, prepare for the giggles to soon follow. Blueberry Headband effectively aids symptoms of nausea, pain, lack of appetite, anxiety, and depression. Try some of this fruity sweet goodness today and see why others are smiling over their love of Blueberry Headband.

Blueberry Headband Strain Information

Blueberry Headband is a hybrid strain cross of indica strains Blueberry, Emerald OG, Pre-98 Bubba Kush, and hybrid strain Cali Sour D.

  • Effects: Happy, Euphoric, Uplifted, Giggly, Relaxed
  • Helpful With: Headaches, Stress, Depression, Pain
  • Aroma/Flavor: Floral, Sweet, Berry

Search cannabis strains to discover their effects

There are many cannabis strains, making it hard to find the one that’s right for you. Luckily, Briteside doesn’t focus solely on delivering cannabis, but also aims to educate people. One of our goals is to help you learn about all the different cannabis strains, THC, CBD, the benefits of medical marijuana, and much more.

In our opinion, education is a key factor when it comes to changing one’s opinion on medical marijuana. Once you fully understand how CBD and THC work, you might want to try it yourself in order to get rid of your symptoms and pain.

By typing a strain name, you’ll see all the information you need to decide if it’s a good fit for you or not. But first, we want to explain the difference between indica, sativa and hybrid. Once you get interested in cannabis, you’ll see these words all the time.


Smoking an indica bud will give you a strong physical body high, and will most likely make you sleepy and very relaxed. In order to remember this, you can think of “indica” sounding a bit like “in the couch”. The best time of the day to smoke indica is in the evening, before going to bed.

As for medical use, indica can help you treat insomnia and pain. It’ll help you have a good night of sleep without waking up from pain or anxiety.


Sativa buds will give you an energetic and uplifting high. It can be referred to as a cerebral high, which can come in handy if you have to be creative and active during the day.

For medical marijuana users, sativa is great for fighting depression and negative thoughts during the day, and also gives a dose of fresh creative energy.


A hybrid strain is composed of both indica and sativa. The percentages vary, making hybrids the perfect option for those who don’t want pure indica or sativa. Every strain has different medical benefits.

A quick note on CBD and THC

THC and CBD are the best known (but not the only existing) cannabinoids. Let’s have a quick look at the differences between these two.

THC gives you a psychoactive high and can help you get rid of pain, nausea, stress, insomnia and appetite loss. You might want to avoid (high doses of) THC when you have to go to work or meetings because people can often see you’re high.

CBD doesn’t make you high, which makes it popular among people who use it during the day to treat pain, inflammation, stress disorders, epilepsy and other medical problems. CBD oil is often used to help children get rid of their seizures.

Medical marijuana strains can contain THC and CBD in different concentrations. Each one will have different medicinal benefits. In case you have varying symptoms and medical problems, you might need several cannabis strains. For example: one for when you go to work, and another right before going to bed.