Are Workplaces Becoming More Weed-Friendly?

Are Workplaces Becoming More Weed-Friendly?

Mandatory drug tests were once the name of the game for anyone looking for a job in corporate America. But as popular opinion towards weed is changing, are big companies keeping pace?

Marijuana and employment are two words that haven’t always gone hand in hand. As the legal weed business has expanded, however, more jobs have become available in dispensaries and at grow operations. This, however, isn’t the only impact legal weed has made on the job market.

In some industries, marijuana drug screenings have actually come to be seen as unnecessary barriers to employment. As the need for workers has increased, companies across the country removing cannabis from pre-employment drug screenings.

Leading The Way

It may come as no surprise that the industries dropping cannabis from pre-employment drug screenings are those with the largest staff shortages. Companies in hospitality, shipping, and assembly are all facing significant shortages of capable staff. Dropping cannabis from pre-screening opens up a large base of potential employees.

Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas is the latest in a long line of companies to change their tune on weed testing. Even in the highly regulated world of casinos, Caesar’s was struggling to fill vital spots on the casino floor and in other areas of the hotel. By updating their drug testing policy, Caesar’s has been able to increase the number of qualified candidates while working to ensure workers are not under the influence while at work.

Look To The Future

Although current trends may show companies taking a more lenient stance on marijuana screening, that doesn’t necessarily mean the trend will hold. Currently, employers in the nine states — and District of Columbia — where weed is legal, are most likely to drop testing.

Much of this is due to the sheer number of jobs available in these areas. In Colorado, for example, the tourism and resort industry mean jobs can be found virtually year round. As unemployment trends continue to ebb and flow, however, we will have to wait and see if states continue to be lenient on screening for weed.

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