How Tech Is Helping to Grow Legal Weed

How Tech Is Helping to Grow Legal Weed

Every fast-growing industry relies on fast-growing technology. Legal cannabis is no exception.

Not only is the legal cannabis industry growing quickly, it’s changing quickly, too. And technology is playing a huge role in that growth and change.

Here are a few examples:

Easier Crop Monitoring

In order to produce large quantities of marijuana of consistent quality, companies like Surna are providing the industry with cutting-edge equipment. The vice president of the company, Tae Darnell, says his company’s technology “will allow growers to monitor their crops from anywhere in the world, the same way alarm systems monitor houses.”

“You’ll be able to check on yield, irrigation levels, all from a smartphone,” he says.

Fewer Manual Tasks

With manual data entry and compliance monitoring being increasingly replaced by software, legal cannabis retailers don’t have to do as much work as they used to — at least when it comes to the administrative part of the industry.

More Reliable Products

Technology also benefits (medical) marijuana consumers, as it allows them to find reputable dispensaries and buy the same product each time, as well as trust the quality of what they’re buying.

Perfect THC/CBD (and other cannabinoid) ratios that are exactly the same for every product are possible when labs use modern technology in order to create new formulas, and new formulas could be developed for countless ailments.

New Tech, New Jobs

The continued demand for canna-tech will continue to drive demand for tech-savvy workers. Cannabis companies big and small are struggling to attract everything from interns to full-time employees.

For those tech-minded folks who will soon (or who have already) graduated college, the cannabis industry offers a real and (well-paying) opportunity to jumpstart their careers.

Marijuana’s Online Marketplace

The Internet has played a huge role in the growth of the legal cannabis industry. Weed-related websites, blogs (like ours), and online stores have helped to drive public information, public opinion, and sales. Web developers in the weed industry need to think ahead to create new concepts, as well be vigilant when it comes to navigating regulations — regulations that tend to change often.

In short, technology and legal cannabis go hand in hand, and have to adapt to one another.