Could Robots Take Over the Cannabis Industry?

Could Robots Take Over the Cannabis Industry?

Robots are replacing human workers in many industries. After all, robots don’t get sick, they’re always on time, and they’re cheaper in the long run. But can they grow weed or roll joints?

With wholesale cannabis prices dropping and labor costs going up, hiring people to manually trim plants could be a thing of past.

That’s where robots come in.

According to Jon Gowa, the CEO and founder of Bloom Automations, we could see robotic arms with scissors rolling filling grow houses all over the country.

“We’re looking at robots that could use cameras (to) actually look at the cannabis and understand each different plant,” says Gowa.

The hand-rolled joint could be on its way out, too.

Rolling a nice joint is easy to do for experienced rollers, but there’s no one as fast as a Dutch-made robot which can roll 100 joints in three minutes. With recreational cannabis becoming legal in more places every year, these robots might come in handy for big dispensaries, especially during the tourist season.

Is It All About the Money?

Investors want companies to be cost efficient in order to get a nice return on their investment. In the long run, robots are cheaper and more reliable than many human workers, so it’s not a surprise that the cannabis industry, in which (almost) everything from planting to harvesting is still done by hand, might be undergoing some “modernization” — or even “robotization” — down the road.

With that said, smart and sophisticated robots will be needed to replace cannabis workers. Growing marijuana isn’t easy. It takes a lot of knowledge and skill. As a result, you shouldn’t be too worried about losing you job in the cannabis industry.

For now.