Pot Lands In Pro Sports

Pot Lands In Pro Sports

Beer ads, fast food restaurants, candy companies — the list of major sports sponsors goes on. For legal weed brands, however, landing a sports sponsorship seemed like a pipe dream until one team set the precedent.

Nevada legalized the purchase of recreational cannabis in July 2017. Although they weren’t the first to make such a move, Las Vegas is now grabbing headlines for breaking ground of a different kind with legal weed. The city is now home to the first sports team sponsored by a cannabis dispensary.

Let There Be Lights

If you had one guess as to the first sport to tout a legal cannabis sponsor, which would you pick? Football? Nope. Baseball? Yeah, right. NASCAR? Dream on.

The answer? Soccer.

The first team in U. S. history to be sponsored by a cannabis brand is none other than the Las Vegas Lights — a professional soccer team that competes in the United Soccer League (USL). The USL is the second tier of professional soccer in the United States, sitting right below nationally recognized Major League Soccer.

Sponsoring the Las Vegas Lights is a 16,000-square-foot dispensary called NuWu Cannabis Marketplace. Complete with a drive-thru, the dispensary is expected to begin selling Lights-branded products. In return, NuWu ads will be found across the Lights’ Cashman Field, as well as at public events featuring players.

Getting Down To Business

Brand visibility for both team and dispensary is just one aspect of this winning deal. All adults 21 and older who visit NuWu with a Lights ticket stub will receive 10 percent off any purchase. The dispensary itself is also run by the Paiute Tribe and the dispensary itself is located on tribal lands.

For both parties, the co-branding is viewed as an opportunity to bring new attention to Las Vegas, breathe new life into the city and shed light on the positive side of legal weed.

“This is the right time and the right market to do this, and we’re not going to hide. We think this will be part of the destigmatization of this substance and business, “ said Brett Lashbrook, Chief Operating Officer of the Las Vegas Lights.

Is there a team you’d love to see your favorite dispensary sponsor? Drop us line and hit us with your ideas!