A Little KISS Taking Canadian Weed to the Next Level

A Little KISS Taking Canadian Weed to the Next Level

Most people know Gene Simmons as a member of the makeup-wearing, all-night-partying band KISS. Despite his long career as a musician, Simmons claims he’s never had a drink or done a single drug — even cannabis. But now, Canadian cannabis company Invictus M.D. has hired Simmons as their Chief Evangelist Officer. Why the sudden change and what does this mean for the industry?
The story starts with a 6-year-old girl living with epilepsy. Until seeing this little girl struggling with her illness, Gene Simmons had held a fairly strong anti-drug line.

“Three years ago, I was dismissive, arrogant, and uniformed about medical cannabis and thought the whole notion of its medical use as so much smoke and mirrors,” he told the Toronto Sun.

After seeing a cannabis ointment “miraculously cure” the girl, however, Simmons changed his tune.

“But over the last few years, I’ve started to see the tremendous new information that scientists and researchers have been telling us about the incredible uses for this humble plant that just grows there in the ground. I’m incredibly bullish on the product and, particularly, on this company.”
Becoming the Face of Invictus M.D.

Despite recent Canadian law prohibiting celebrity endorsements for cannabis companies, British Columbia-based Invictus M.D. found a workaround. After learning of Simmons’ new found appreciation for medical cannabis, they hired him on full time.

Serving as the company’s Chief Evangelist Officer, Simmons leverages his brand experience, both personal and as a member of KISS, to market their services and drive growth in the Canadian cannabis market.

Simmons attends industry events across Canada in his role as spokesperson and event marketer, but also participates in investor meetings and the company’s annual general meeting. So, even though his face and name are helping Invictus grow market share, Simmons’ business and marketing acumen will hopefully show the largest dividends.