The Commercial (and Legal?) Influence of Marijuana Influencers

The Commercial (and Legal?) Influence of Marijuana Influencers

With an increasing number of brands across virtually every industry expanding beyond traditional advertising these days, the use of social media influencers has become increasingly prevalent. And the legal marijuana industry is no exception.

Federal law makes launching advertising campaigns for cannabis a real struggle. Even in states where weed is legal, it can be tough to find ways to advertise your company without running into legal obstacles. This is one of the reasons why celebrity influencers are becoming a bigger and bigger thing when it comes to marketing marijuana.

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Leafs By Snoop is a good example of how a celebrity can create a (long-lasting) buzz for a company. In 2016, large Canadian cannabis producer Tweed partnered with Snoop Dogg to provide Canada with high-end cannabis.

The partnership went further than a couple of Instagram posts. The new business partners worked together to select and market high-quality strains, thus increasing their chances of long-term success.

And theirs hasn’t been the only such partnership. As Forbes notes, cannabis products such as Tommy Chong’s “Chong’s Choice” and Willie Nelson’s “Willie’s Reserve” see boosts in sales when their celebrity namesakes tweet or post about their products — messages that hundreds of thousands of fans inhale with enthusiasm.

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A little less well-known — but no less effective — social media marijuana influencer is Dabbing Granny. More than 750,000 people follow the senior citizen for her hilarious Instagram posts, proving that people of all ages, backgrounds, or careers can become important influencers for cannabis companies.

Can Influencers Influence Lawmakers?

As more and more people get more and more used to seeing celebrities talk about, promote, and use cannabis on their social media profiles, public support for full marijuana legalization will only continue increase.

And who knows? Perhaps more lawmakers will be influenced by that public support — or those same influencers.