The Future of Canna-tourism

The Future of Canna-tourism

While you might think of cities like Amsterdam when you think of canna-tourism, the United States is quickly becoming a very popular (and very welcoming) vacation spot for the marijuana-minded.

Cannabis-friendly accommodations — where you can legally smoke either on a balcony or inside your room — are popping up all across the U.S. There are even places where you don’t have to bring your own bong, as the room comes fully equipped. “Puff and paint” events are also becoming very popular for those looking to discover the power of some good pot on their creativity.

Want to enjoy beautiful landscapes while smoking a legal joint? Head to Colorado, where, according to Forbes, cannabis tourism has grown 51 percent since recreational use became legal in 2014.

California is the place to be if you want to go on a wine and weed tour. You only have to get on a bus enjoy the wine and marijuana tastings in the different destinations you’ll visit.

Planning Your Trip

While you're free to select a destination, book your own accommodations, find places to smoke, and buy your own marijuana, planning a custom cannabis vacation can be a bit of a challenge. Because consumption isn’t allowed in public in most states, it can be difficult to find a private place to use your recently bought products.

An easier option is an organized vacation. You’ll be with your own little group of other cannabis enthusiasts. Together, you might discover new strains, new products (infused beers, lotions, etc.), grow facilities, dispensaries, and much more.

Tourism entrepreneurs are getting very creative when it comes to creating such trips. What about a weed-filled wellness retreat for women with yoga and spa treatments to make you ultra relaxed? Or perhaps a bus tour with like-minded people in order to visit grow facilities and taste new strains?

Like the cannabis industry itself, expect canna-tourism options to only grow.