College Cannabis Courses? Yes, They’re A Reality Now

College Cannabis Courses? Yes, They’re A Reality Now

Marijuana companies are hiring, a lot! The industry is growing quickly, and qualified workers are in high demand. Demand so high, now there are college cannabis courses.

McGill University (Montreal, Canada) will soon be offering a diploma track for future marijuana growers and business managers in anticipation of nationwide recreational marijuana legalization. Some schools in the U.S. have also launched programs and college cannabis courses to teach the next generation of cannabis experts.

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McGill University aims to train the canna-managers of tomorrow

Every fast-growing industry needs a healthy supply of workers, and the same goes for the marijuana industry. New jobs are created every day, but in order to position oneself best to a company, one’s cannabis knowledge needs to be deeper than just a few quick Google searches. Simply knowing how to water a marijuana plant isn’t enough anymore.

The Canadian university quickly jumped on the opportunity to create classes for future managers in the cannabis industry. Why? According to the Dean of Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, Anja Geitmann, “this is a sector that applies very much to agriculture and in which tens of thousands of new jobs will be created in the coming years.”

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The industry needs more qualified commercial-scale workers

The number of dispensaries and wholesaling entities are booming, and will continue to do so. But the people who learned how to grow small quantities of cannabis aren’t necessarily fit to become managers of huge grow sites. That’s why trade schools and universities need to prepare students for management positions in the industry.

Additional cannabis programs highlight industry mainstreaming

McGill isn’t the first school to provide a cannabis industry diploma. Other schools have started training programs and majors, such as the Northern Michigan University. Can you imagine putting “certified cannabis grower” on your resume? The fact that this will be possible proves, in our opinion, that cannabis is going mainstream faster than ever.

Growing cannabis might soon become as normal as growing apples. Well, maybe.