Why Is CBD Growth Overtaking THC?

Why Is CBD Growth Overtaking THC?

As the medicinal and therapeutic effects of marijuana have become increasingly popular, CBD’s growth is rapidly overtaking that of THC.

According to data from New Frontier, CBD sales will increase from $535 Million in 2018 to more than $1.9 Billion by 2022. Other analysts expect even bigger growth in the coming years.

The rapid growth of the CBD market can be partly explained by the availability of products containing the compound. It’s not only available in dispensaries, but also in natural food stores and beauty aisles. Of course, a facial mask containing CBD has nothing to do with a dried flower from a dispensary. As a result, the image surrounding CBD products is completely different, thus attracting more — and, specifically, more non-marijuana-using — consumers.

This non-psychoactive compound is becoming more and more popular because of its medical properties with many doctors recommend CBD products to patients dealing a wide variety of conditions, including anxiety, insomnia, or muscle aches. A few drops of CBD under the tongue has also been known to help epileptic children and adults.

There are also many people who start using CBD-infused products without consulting a medical professional, proving that these products are increasingly been seen as completely normal. All kinds of products are now being infused with CBD: cold-brew coffee, body lotion, water, lip balm, and even dog treats — just to name a few.

Marijuana has long been considered as something “for stoners.” With the rise of CBD, however, every adult (and some children) is now a potential consumer of CBD, and with every new CBD-product, more people will find something that corresponds to their needs.