Cannabis News Nuggets  Volume 7

Cannabis News Nuggets
Volume 7

Though not too splashy a week in cannabis news, there were plenty of important items making headlines in the last full week of February 2018.

Some weeks burst at the seams with eye-grabbing cannabis news. Other are more subdued, though no less important. This week was of the latter category: Chill but meaningful. Here’s a quick rundown of some cannabis news headlines from the past few days.

Colorado Girl Scouts allowed to sell outside dispensaries

You likely recall the recent kerfuffle surrounding a San Diego, California, Girl Scout who set up shop outside a local dispensary. She, of course, sold out of her cookie stash in record time. Well, in some more cookie-related news, the Girl Scouts of Colorado have formally declared dispensaries as fair game for enterprising young girls who want to sell their Thin Mints and Tagalongs to shoppers buying cannabis products.

Las Vegas airport as a pot dumping ground

We’re all very familiar with the old line, “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” And true to form, officials at McCarran International Airport are making it easier on travelers to ditch their cannabis stashes before they hop on a flight home. There are now 13 “amnesty boxes” located around the airport where tourists can offload their green goods before heading through the security line.

Denver marijuana is a BIG consumer of electricity

This was one of those headlines that had us thinking “yeah, that makes sense.” But even still, it was eyebrow-raising. We learned this week that nearly four percent of all electric usage in Denver, Colorado, is from marijuana grows. Energy consumption related to the marijuana industry is a topic of increasing interest, and Denver provides an example of how much marijuana demand drives energy demand.

Canadian health insurer announces MMJ coverage

This is a big win for Canadian medical marijuana patients, as Sun Life Financial, a major health insurer, will allow companies to add medical marijuana coverage to their group health plans. Sun Life isn’t the first Canadian insurer to make such a move, but the are the biggest, as they provide coverage for over 3 million Canadians and their families.

Tennessee judge allows raided CBD-selling businesses to reopen

In one of the most eye roll-inducing installments of “Modern Reefer Madness,” police from multiple law enforcement agencies in Middle Tennessee recently raided and shuttered 23 businesses for selling CBD-infused products. They also issued 21 criminal indictments on business owners. But pump the brakes, people. It turns out that, yes, such products are actually legal in Tennessee. The good news is that this week a judge allowed the businesses to reopen. The bad news is that authorities acted so ham-handedly without knowing the actual laws.

That’ll do for this week’s Cannabis News Nuggets. You know the deal, we’ll be back next week and we hope to see you then.