A Beginner’s Guide to Topicals

A Beginner’s Guide to Topicals

As the legal marijuana industry has grown, so has the number of delivery methods available to those looking to use the drug to get relief from various health conditions. Among the most useful and discreet delivery methods is topical marijuana.

A full cannabis extract of activated cannabinoids, topical marijuana is essentially a thick oil which is applied externally and absorbed by the skin to provide targeted relief for numerous conditions, including muscle soreness, joint pain, tendonitis, arthritis, eczema, minor burns, and chapped skin. Topicals are commonly available as lotions, ointments, sprays, and salves, and can typically be applied multiple times.

This topical use of cannabinoids allows them to absorbed directly into a localized area for a quicker and more focused benefit. People suffering from conditions like psoriasis or arthritis can use topicals for pain relief without having to rely on opioids or other pills that often come with bad side effects. And while some topicals are infused with THC, they won’t get you high, allowing you to think clearly and maintain full brain function while using them.

Another benefit of using topicals is that they can provide you with relief from pain without getting questions or dirty looks from others. Because you are simply applying a cream to your skin, and not smoking, people will be less likely to notice or criticize you.

Choosing and Using

Just like with edibles and buds, the most challenging part of using topicals is choosing one that works for you. Not all topicals work for everyone, but once you’ve found one that does, it’s pretty easy to use.

Start by cleaning and drying your skin. (A quick rinse will be enough.) Then, apply some of your topical to the area and massage it into your skin. It’s as simple as that.

(Note: Don’t apply a cannabis-infused topical to damaged skin or near your eyes, nose, mouth, or intimate areas. And don’t touch your eyes, nose, or mouth with your hands after applying the topical. Also, be sure to wash your hands with soap before doing anything else.)

When the topical is completely absorbed into your skin, you can go on with your day. If you don’t feel the effects immediately, wait a bit. It can take some time before you feel relief. A second application might be necessary after a few hours. Always listen to your body, and be patient.