How Millennials Are Helping Legal Marijuana Move Forward

How Millennials Are Helping Legal Marijuana Move Forward

Women and seniors aren’t the only demographics using more cannabis these days. The number of millennials taking advantage of easier access to legal cannabis is on the rise, as well. Could they spur legalization at the federal level?

If the U.S. government ever decides to legalize marijuana at the federal level, we’ll likely have millennials to thank.

According to data from popular polling and opinion platform The Tylt, 84 percent of millennials are in favor or marijuana legalization, with 88 percent says it’s “safer than booze.”

“It is next to impossible for Uncle Sam to ignore millennials on the issue of pot reform for much longer,” the report says.

Not only is it impossible for the federal government to ignore millennials’ interest in legal weed, but cannabis companies need to step up their game and market their products to this demographic if they don’t want to fall behind the competition. And many already are.

Cannabis Has Become Part of Their Lifestyle

According to a recent industry report, lifestyle brands succeed because they “seamlessly fit a product to a person’s lifestyle, rather than forcing a lifestyle change to fit a product.” The report aptly points out how marijuana “is joining spin class, pressed juice, and craft beer as a lifestyle brand.”

Companies that have been targeting millennials for a long time, like beer producers, are now moving to adapt to the needs and wishes of this generation. And it’s important that they do.

Millennials are used to receiving tons of information online every day. In order to reach them, cannabis companies need make millennials feel like their products corresponds to their lifestyle. Millennials don’t want to adapt to products, they want products that adapt to them.