Study: 1 in 3 Non-Users Would Consider Trying Marijuana

Study: 1 in 3 Non-Users Would Consider Trying Marijuana

The availability of legal marijuana is growing. So is the number of non-users willing to try it.

Back in February, the research firm PSB Research partnered with to conduct a study that explored “views on cannabis, cannabis usage, and habits and behaviors of both consumers and non-consumers to better understand the lifestyle of modern cannabis consumers.”

Among the key findings of the study was that the number of those who’ve never tried marijuana — but are interested in trying it — is on the rise.

During last year’s edition of the study, 20 percent of non-using Americans said they would try cannabis. In this year’s study, that number had risen to 31 percent.

Why the Rise?

When the study was conducted last year, there were fewer states where the use of medical and/or recreational marijuana was legal. It’s entirely possible that residents of states where pot was illegal answered “no” to the question “would you ever consider using cannabis?” simply because they would never consider doing anything illegal. If their states legalized cannabis after last year’s survey, they may have been swayed to answer “yes” this time around.

Why Are Non-Consumers Now Curious About Using Marijuana?

Again, we can only speculate, because everyone has their own reasons. One plausible answer, however, is that legal weed is simply something new and exciting. It’s getting good press these days, which naturally makes people curious, and when they want to learn more about it, it’s easy to find reliable information.  

What Does This Mean for the Industry?

If even a small percentage of non-consumers become regular medical or recreational users, there could be a very noticeable increase in sales.

What About Other Countries?

In the Netherlands, for example, cannabis has been tolerated (but not legalized) for quite some time. After interviewing some people who’ve grown up in the Netherlands, we found that non-consumers aren’t all that curious about — or even really interested in trying — weed. Most young people walk by coffee shops (where weed use is openly tolerated) without giving it a second thought. Maybe it’s because they’re used to it being tolerated, or because it isn’t “cool” since it doesn’t provide the same risky thrill found by using other illegal drugs.