Do You Know These New Slang Terms for Marijuana?

Do You Know These New Slang Terms for Marijuana?

Weed, cannabis, marijuana, pot… These are a few of the words we use at Briteside — and you’d probably recognize several more. As if those weren’t enough, the Drug Enforcement Administration adds to the list each year in order to help law enforcement spot people involved in the illegal drug trade. This year, the agency has added more than 50 new slang terms to the list. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Some of the terms on the DEA's list — shared recently by Marijuana Moment — make sense.

When you hear “Laughing Grass,” for example, you get what people are talking about. “Crazy Weed” and “Giggle Weed” elicit similar responses.

Maybe it’s because recreational marijuana became legal in California this year — we can’t be sure — but it looks like someone was inspired by the ballot measure that made medical marijuana legal in California in 1996. Now, “Prop 215” is on the list, too.

Inspired by the Munchies?

It seems like marijuana really enhances your creative skills, because some of these names are just too weird to understand how someone came up with them.

We’re just speculating, but the following terms might have been “invented” during some serious munchies sessions: “Broccoli,” “Cheese,” “Parsley,” “Cabbage.” These don’t sound like something smokeable, do they? But on the other hand, can you really be craving cabbage when you’re high?

It Gets Weirder

Other slang terms that might be completely new to you include “Shoes,” My Brother,” “Tex-Mex,” “Green Mercedes Benz,” “Mowing the Lawn,” “Chernobyl,” and “Young Girls.” This last one might cause some serious confusion — or suspicion by law enforcement — when buying your marijuana. Maybe you should just stick to cannabis or weed, just to be safe.

Will any of these new slang terms replace any of the more popular names for weed? Probably not.

But they are entertaining.