Don't Bring Weed Home from Canada

Don't Bring Weed Home from Canada

With cannabis becoming legal in Canada, you might be thinking about bringing some extra souvenirs home from your next vacation. Well, let’s just say that’s a really bad idea.

Bringing weed from Canada into the United States — even if it’s legal in the border state you’re crossing into — is still illegal under federal law, as is transporting (even a small amount) of cannabis across state lines anywhere within the U.S.

When driving from Canada into the U.S., it’s best to ditch the weed before crossing the border. If you want to buy some pot, you might want to stop instead in the border states of Vermont, Washington, or Maine, where recreational weed is legal.


While recreational marijuana was legalized in the Green Mountain State in July 2018, as a tourist, you might have some trouble finding a legal place to get high.

Smoking is only allowed in “individual dwellings,” and forbidden in parks, on the sidewalk, or in any public place is forbidden. If you want to visit Lake Champlain, for example, leave your weed at home. The lake is under federal rule, so using any form of cannabis is strictly forbidden.

And not only are you forbidden from lighting up while driving through the state, but so is anybody riding in the car.

Even if you do find a place to smoke, it’s probably going to be difficult to actually buy weed. For now, there’s no regulated marijuana market in the state. So unless you know someone there who grows weed, and wants to give you some (yes, as a gift in order to be legal), and invites you to their (or friend’s) house, you might be out of luck.


In Washington, you can easily buy cannabis in a dispensary. But beware: You aren’t allowed to consume or open any products in view of the general public. While consuming an edible in your hotel room is allowed, smoking weed in your hotel room is only allowed if smoking normal cigarettes is allowed, as well.


With the state’s retail marijuana stores not likely to open until 2019, getting recreational weed in Maine can be a little tricky.

While residents can legally grow their your own marijuana, they aren’t allowed to sell it. Gifting it is legal, however, so if you want some weed in Maine, it looks like you’re going to have to make some friends.