Frequently Asked Questions

When do I pay for my Briteside order(s)?

For the time being, Briteside operates on a cash-only transaction basis (thanks, Congress). If your order is being delivered to your residence, you pay only when your products arrive to your doorstep. If you’re making an in-store pickup, you pay at the dispensary.

Do I have to be home when cannabis is delivered?

Yes, in an effort to comply with all state and local regulations you must personally accept your cannabis delivery. We can’t leave it on your porch, under your porch, or behind your garden gnome. When ordering, the Briteside system allows you pick the best time frame and day for our couriers to deliver your order.

What happens if I’m not at home to sign for my delivery?

A Briteside courier will contact you via cell/text before driving to your residence (you’ll also get an email). Hopefully this will minimize chances for any missed connections. However, if a ships-passing-in-the-night scenario occurs, our courier will attempt to set up an alternate delivery time. We’ll even give it a third try, but after that we’ll have to cancel your order.

How does Briteside partner with local dispensaries?

Local dispensaries have their own profiles on the Briteside website and are able to list their available inventory. This gives the dispensaries the opportunity to sell more products while allowing customers to know whether their favorite items are in stock. No more waiting in line only to find out the guy in front of you nabbed the last of your favorite pre-rolls. That guy.

How can I get my favorite dispensary on Briteside?

Ooh, great question. While we work on an automated way for you to do that, you can either send us an email at so our partnership team can let the dispensary in question know about your wishes, or you can march on down to said dispensary and pester them until they contact us. Either way, it’s your call.

Does Briteside sell any of its own products?

Soon enough, friend. Soon enough. At some point in the near future you’ll be able to purchase Briteside products in addition to items from your favorite dispensaries. Until then, however, our goal is to empower as many dispensaries as possible by helping them get more of their goods into your hands.

How long does it take for Briteside to fulfill my order?

If you’ve made a Shop Now order, it will be ready for in-store pickup in as little as one hour. The same goes for Shop Now deliveries. You tell us when you want your products to arrive at your doorstep, and we’ll have them there.

If you’ve set up a recurring Discovery order, your first Discovery Box can be delivered within 24 hours of your order. As is the case with Shop Now, you simply tell us when you want it to arrive, and we’ll get it there.

Why do product offerings differ by area?

Since we partner with local dispensaries, our menus are dictated by what our partners currently have in stock — and that can differ from town to town. But if you’ve got a hankering for a particular item that we don’t offer in your locale, shoot us an email at and we’ll let the dispensaries know.

Do I tip my Briteside delivery person?

Tipping your Briteside delivery person is not required. However, if you feel like tipping them we’re almost certain your karmic fortunes will be bettered.

What licenses does Briteside have to deliver cannabis product in my area?

Briteside has taken special care to make sure we hold the appropriate licenses and meet the specific regulations required to operate in each of our service areas.

If I use medical product, does the Briteside system know when my medical card is up for renewal?

Yes, we’ll do everything we can to make sure you’re aware of your card’s pending expiration. Beginning 4 weeks prior to your medical card’s expiration date, we’ll send you weekly emails reminding you to renew it. Once your card has been renewed, simply upload it into the Briteside system.

What is Briteside’s return policy?

If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your Briteside order, we want to know about it asap. Please let us know via online chat or send us a message at, and we’ll do everything we can to make it right.

Can someone else sign for my delivery? 

No. The person who made the Briteside order must physically accept the delivery. No one else. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. To comply with local and state laws, our courier is required to view a legal form of identification upon delivery.

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