How Are Women Shaping the Legal Cannabis Industry?

How Are Women Shaping the Legal Cannabis Industry?

While the marijuana industry has always been dominated by men, the increase in legalization has resulted in an increased number of women using cannabis and launching their own cannabis businesses.

As Kate Miller, co-founder/CEO of Miss Grass, puts it, cannabis culture “weaves into so many aspects of our lives, from health to work, beauty to food. Women are drawn to the emerging cannabis industry because it allows them to launch businesses that combine commerce with caring.”

And that might be the thing about women and cannabis: the part about caring, health, and beauty. Using cannabis can make you feel better, whether it’s on a physical or mental level. No more expensive wellness retreats to blow off some steam, but a “girls night in” with your best friends and some new CBD products. As a result, sipping a glass of wine with your girlfriends might become a thing of the past. Sharing a joint, while talking about that awesome face cream with CBD, could be the future.

Empowering Female Executives

If you’re a woman surrounded by men at a business mixer, it can be hard to get anyone to listen to you — or even respect you.

In order to help women network, three female cannabis industry professionals — Irie Selkirk, Tabitha Fritz, and Emma Baron — decided to launch a mixer at a conference “designed specifically for women to network.”

As one team put it, they event was a success because “it was clear that the women were more comfortable, as anyone would be, in an environment where their value was based on their experience and what they brought to the table.”

Initiatives like this will only help more women to take the big step toward becoming cannabis entrepreneurs.

Empowering Female Consumers

But why is it so important that more women start cannabis businesses?

Who can understand a woman better than another woman? Female health, stereotypes, and even some freedoms are very much related to the emerging cannabis industry.

It’s not a “bad thing” anymore for women to use cannabis to take care of their own health and comfort. From menstrual cramps to PMS, and migraines to menopause symptoms, CBD might just help women get on with their daily lives without even noticing their hormones are playing tricks with their bodies and minds. Female cannabis consumers might tell their friends about the new products they discovered, and ask for advice from other consumers.

Legal marijuana can also equal freedom — freedom for women to choose their own medicine, freedom to get high, freedom to try something new, freedom to start their own businesses, etc.

Today, more and more women decide to become cannabis entrepreneurs, and most of them target female cannabis consumers with products especially designed for women.

But that focus shouldn’t be limited to female-run businesses. All cannabis business need to focus better on female consumers if they want to stay in the game.

According to Forbes, women make upwards of 80% of health and wellness buying decisions for U.S. households.” When women become more aware of the possibilities related to legal cannabis — and stop thinking of it as “something just for men” — sales will likely skyrocket more than they already have.