Weird Weed Headlines  Volume 5

Weird Weed Headlines
Volume 5

Weird Weed Headlines, Volume 5

We hope you enjoyed our last installment of the Weird Weed Headlines series, featuring a strain of cannabis named after Monica Lewinsky and a county sheriff who was offered four pounds of pot for his used truck. We can’t make these stories up, but we’ve got to share them. So here we go with Weird Weed Headlines, Volume 5.


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Pot for pizza?

Last month, we told you about a dude who tried to trade some pot for a used truck he found on Craigslist. Unfortunately for the dude, he didn’t know the seller was the county sheriff. This month, we have the story of another fella who tried to use pot to pay for a drink at Domino’s. Not surprisingly, he also wound up in jail.

According to the Omaha World-Herald, the man first tried to pay for a pizza and some chicken parmesan with a ripped but taped-up $50 bill, but the cashier said the business couldn’t accept it. After he paid with a $20 bill, he decided that he also wanted a drink.

According to the clerk, the man mumbled incoherently and then passed her some weed. She then told her manager, who called police.

When officers arrived, they found a joint behind the man’s ear and some individually packaged weed inside a can in his backpack. They also found a scale, three checks, and, um, $87 in cash.

Why he didn’t just use the cash to buy the drink, you’ll have to ask him. Down at the jail.

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Law & Order: SMH

Police officers are supposed to protect and serve the public, not themselves. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened when two cops in Toronto, Canada raided a marijuana dispensary in January.

As the International Business Times reports, two officers who were supposed to be guarding evidence allegedly ingested some seized cannabis edibles, started hallucinating, and became separated from one another. One of the officers then called an off-duty colleague who confused the call for a kidnapping alert and requested backup.

When the backup officers reached the scene — which was not far from their precinct — they had trouble finding the officers. When both were found, one was up in a tree. An EMS paramedic helped him get down and provided him with medical treatment.

While no criminal charges were filed against the officers, the pair have been suspended pending what must be one of the most hilarious police investigations in Canadian history.

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Snuggling is always better than smuggling

Of all the smuggling stories we’ve brought you over the last few months, this one might be the cutest.

During a routine security check at an Amtrak Station in Iowa, police noticed that Hunter L. Parker, 21, had a one-way ticket to St. Louis. After speaking with Parker, deputies were granted permission to search his bags. During the search, the officers discovered a four-foot-tall teddy bear which had a “strong odor” of weed and a hard substance in its legs.

According to the Globe Gazette, Parker bolted when he was placed under arrest. After a brief foot chase, he was apprehended and taken to jail. According to police, the bear contained five packages of suspected marijuana weighing 5.6 pounds and 92 grams of hash, worth an estimated $25,000.

Parker is scheduled to appear in court on February. Little is known about the fate of the bear.

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Super special socks

While pot is still technically illegal at the federal level, a ballot initiative in Washington, D.C. legalized possession of up to two ounces of pot, home cultivation of up to six plants, and the gifting of up to one ounce of pot to a person 21 or over.

Inspired by the gifting portion of the ballot initiative, scores of clever “ganja-preneurs” have seized the opportunity to give customers “free gifts” of weed with the ridiculously overpriced purchase of all kinds of (often ridiculous) items.

As the CBC reports, those items have included $60 T-shirts, $80 Pokemon action figures, and — we’re not kidding — in-person motivational speeches that range from $60 to $360 and come with a free sampling of weed.

The gifting of 1 ounce (or less) of cannabis is legal as long as no money, goods, or services are exchanged. Despite the fact that buyers, sellers, and police all know what’s really going on, law enforcement has pretty much looked the other way — except on a nights like one Saturday night in January when socks were being sold at a nightclub for $400. A police raid that night netted 17 pounds of pot, 10 pounds of edibles and two quarts of oils infused with THC.

And, apparently, a bunch of socks.

There you have it, another installment in Weird Weed Headlines series. Stay tuned for the next round.