Weird Weed Headlines Volume 3

Weird Weed Headlines
Volume 3

Weird Weed Headlines, Volume 3

We hope you enjoyed our last installment of the Weird Weed Headlines series. This stuff never ceases to amaze us, and we just have to share it. So here we go with Weird Weed Headlines, Volume 3.


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There’s Getting High…and Then There’s Getting Spaced Out

Would you like to try some weed that’s out of this world? How about some weed that was out of this world for a few minutes, then came back down and landed safely at your local dispensary?

That’s what a dispensary in Arizona is offering.

As CBS 5 reports, a Scottsdale outfit partnered with a british company called Sent Into Space to launch a pound of weed 19 miles up. The pot was launched from a weather balloon in Casa Grande, and spent 35 minutes in space before falling back to Earth in nearby Superior.

The strain of weed, which tastes like Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies, has been dubbed “Space Weed Bro,” and will be available at the Level Up pot dispensary for 100 dollars a gram. There’s no word on how much of that hundred bucks goes toward intergalactic shipping charges.

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Hey, You Forgot Your Enormous Stash of Weed

Look, we all lose things from time to time. Sometimes, you might have trouble finding the remote control for the TV or accidentally leave your cell phone at a restaurant. Other times, you might accidentally leave seven trash bags full of weed by the side of the road. It happens…

If you live in England and somehow dropped seven trash bags full of weed at the side of the road near Harrogate, don’t worry. The North Yorkshire police found it, and they’ve asked the BBC to help get it back to you.

“If it's yours come and speak to us at Harrogate Police station, we're more than happy to discuss!” PC Amanda Hanusch-Moore tweeted.

She sounds nice. Give her a call. Sure.

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Look Over Your Shoulder If You’re Gonna Use a Boulder As a Pot Holder

We often share stories of people’s creative attempts at smuggling pot, but this guy’s idea rocks. Literally…

According to a report by the Eugene Register Guard, Curran Millican Manzer, 36, of Waterville, Oregon, shipped more than $1 million worth of marijuana to another state via UPS, hiding the drugs inside of artificial boulders he made himself.

While weed is legal in Oregon, it’s illegal in the state its was being shipped to, and Manzer faces charges of felony laundering a monetary instrument, felony unlawful manufacturing of marijuana, and misdemeanor charges of unlawful delivery of marijuana and unlawful possession of marijuana. He will also be subject to high fives from the rest of the worldwide drug smuggling community.

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The Cutest Drug-Sniffing Hoax Ever

During a recent mayoral forum on Phoenixville, Pennsylania, Republican nominee Dave Gautreau declared that, if elected, he would seriously consider getting drug-sniffing bunnies for the borough police department. The trouble is, drug-sniffing bunnies don’t actually exist.

According to a (hilarious) report by the Philadelphia Inquirer, police in Amherst, New York, proposed narcotics rabbits on their Facebook page as an April Fool’s joke in 2016, and a satire page called “People of Lancaster” posted a similarly fake article about Lancaster police getting drug-sniffing bunnies in March 2016.

While attending a party last summer, Gautreau mentioned that he wanted to get K-9 officers to help fight drug-related crime in the area, but getting dogs would be a big expense. A fellow partygoer told him that Lancaster police were using drug-sniffing rabbits as a cheaper alternative, and when Gautreau called to ask Lancaster officials about it, the lady who answered the phone confirmed that they were, in fact, using the bunnies.

The woman “sounded convincing,” he said. “I should have googled it then, but I didn’t.”

Unfortunately, nobody else in Gautreau’s camp Googled it, either — not even his Chester County sheriff, Carolyn “Bunny” Welsh.

Seriously. That’s her name. We’re not making this up. We really wish we were. And we really wish drug-sniffing bunnies were real, too.

There you have it, another installment in Weird Weed Headlines series. Stay tuned for our next