Weird Weed Headlines  Volume 2

Weird Weed Headlines
Volume 2

Weird Weed Headlines, Volume 2

We hope you liked the first installment of Weird Weed Headlines series. Here’s our latest collection of news from the world of weed at its weirdest.


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Shoppin’ Broccoli

When eaten prior to smoking marijuana, broccoli works in conjunction with cannabinoids to help you fight depression. Smoking broccoli that you thought was really marijuana, however, will not only provide you with no health benefits, but it could also cause your depression to give way to anger.

Similar emotions ran high in Colorado in March of last year after a drug dealer shot at a couple of customers who were angry that he had sold them broccoli disguised as pot.

The dealer, Sababu Colbert-Evans’, and his partner-in-crime, Tercell Davis — perhaps both still bitter that their parents had given them names very close to the names of cars — tricked two prospective pot buyers into paying $10,000 for a bag of broccoli. When the buyers figured out what had happened, they angrily set up another meeting with the dealers — this time, under different names — in order to either get real weed or get their money back. When the dealers brought another bag of broccoli to the meeting, a fight erupted. The broccoli dealers fired 11 shots at the two customers, hitting one in the torso. The victim eventually recovered.

Colbert-Evans was convicted of attempted first-degree murder in July of this year and sentenced to 16 years in prison. Davis pleaded guilty to attempted second-degree murder and was to be sentenced in August.

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Drug Smuggling Is for the Birds

The use of carrier pigeons in Argentina’s drug trade is nothing new. In years past, the birds have made routine daily deliveries of drugs, cash, and other items inside and outside prison walls.

While they aren’t used as much as they once were, carrier pigeons are still very much involved in smuggling. Recently, police in Argentina shot one of the birds out of the sky while it was on its way to deliver weed and other illegal materials to a jail in Santa Rosa.

When the body of the bird was found, it was wearing a backpack containing cannabis, sedative pills, and a USB drive.

While there are dozens of types of pigeons, carrier pigeons definitely lead the most dangerous of lives.

Well, next to stool pigeons, that is…

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Alexa, What’s Up with This Monster Shipment of Weed?

You can get tons of things on these days. A few dozen pounds of weed isn’t supposed to be one of those things, however.

When a couple in Orlando, Florida was planning to put a few things in storage recently, they ordered some plastic storage bins from Amazon. When the boxes arrived, they were way heavier than they should have been. Upon opening the shipment, the customers found 65 pounds of marijuana inside the bins.

Once the couple saw the pot, they contacted police.

"When the first officer got here, she was in disbelief," the customer told WFTV.

The package was shipped from a facility in Massachusetts, and the Orlando Police Department is working with authorities to try to determined who put the pot in the package.

In case you wondering, yes, huge and mysterious shipments of marijuana are apparently eligible for free shipping with Amazon Prime.

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In Otto Weird Weed Shipment News

Let's talk furniture to round out this edition of Weird Weed Headlines.

Prior to closing its doors after Labor Day this year, a furniture store in Olympia, Washington received an unexpected surprise when a box it had shipped came back to the store marked “return to sender.” The box sat in the store for a day or so until employees started smelling an unusual odor. When they opened the box, they found an ottoman and 25 pounds of pot inside.

“Someone’s going to be upset,” owner Jeff Olson told the Centralia Chronicle, adding that he also experienced a “whiff of fear.”

The store was going through a liquidation sale, and Olson says he can’t rule out than an employee may have been responsible, as the business had hired several temporary employees to help with the sale. Olympia police do have a lead in the case, though at the time of this writing it wasn’t known whether the suspect had been an employee of the store.

Whoever it was otto be ashamed of themselves.

The judge otto teach them a lesson.

OK, we otto stop now…

Another installment of Weird Weed Headlines will be out soon.