Wide World Of Weed: Estonia Edition

Wide World Of Weed: Estonia Edition

It’s tough to say what Estonia is most known for, but the Estonian town of Kanepi is doing its canna-best to put the country on the map for marijuana.

We’ve seen time and again that if you leave a decision in the hands of the Internet, you’re playing with fire. Boaty McBoatface, ring any bells? How about the 2012 Chuck Norris pedestrian bridge fiasco?

You’d think civic organizations would eventually learn that if you leave certain decisions in the hands of the people, they will never fail to amaze you with their creativity or sense of humor.

The latest in a long line of naming mishaps comes from the tiny Northern European country Estonia.

What’s In A Sign?

Located in the southeastern part of Estonia, Kanepi is home to approximately 5,000 people. When the town decided to hold a vote for a new symbol earlier this year, oddly enough, more than 12,000 people voted for a cannabis leaf. Following the election, the familiar seven-pointed leaf we all know and love was officially adopted as the town symbol.

Despite some pushback, the Kanepi’s town council defended their decision as very democratic, and we tend to agree. So what if more than twice the town’s population voted?

A Deeper Meaning

As it turns out, Kanepi didn’t earn its pot leaf icon by chance. Kanep just so happens to be the Estonian word for cannabis. And according to locals, the cannabis leaf has been the area’s legendary symbol for more than 150 years, since it was made into rope and clothing in the area.

Although weed is still illegal in Estonia, possession usually results in only a fine. For people across the European Union, however, Kanepi’s decision to use the pot leaf is seen as increasing tolerance for cannabis. That’s why even though it seems pretty insignificant and more than a little silly, this little Estonian town is putting itself on the map by changing attitudes toward pot.

How would you feel if your town changed its symbol to a pot leaf? Cool or no?