Marijuana Podcasts: An Earworthy Top 5 List

Marijuana Podcasts: An Earworthy Top 5 List

Whether you’re on your daily commute or counting down the hours until quitting time at the office, podcasts are a great way to blend entertainment and information about virtually any topic, cannabis included. From legislation updates, strain reviews, and business tips to heady conversations and silly banter, this list of top 5 marijuana podcasts has something for everyone.

So pop in your earbuds and get listening! And if you think we need to add some marijuana podcasts to our list, feel free to add your suggestion in the comments below.

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The Cannabist Show

Launched as an online, cannabis-centric offshoot of The Denver Post in 2013, The Cannabist quickly established itself as a primary resource for marijuana news, culture, product reviews, and much more.

The first episode of The Cannabist Show podcast went live April 2015 featuring host and industry pro Ricardo Baca—the first full-time marijuana editor for a major American newspaper. With Baca at the helm, The Cannabist Show helped define and cover cannabis culture and introduce the world to some of the industry’s movers and shakers, both in legislation and entrepreneurship.

Now hosted by The Cannabist contributor Jake Brown, The Cannabist Show continues to offer compelling interviews mixed with a healthy dose of wit and humor.

Getting Doug with High

Actor and comedian Doug Benson put himself on the pot-advocacy map with his 2007 documentary Super High Me. In 2013, Benson decided to take to the airwaves with his personal blend of pot journalism and Getting Doug with High was born.

The show follows a simple formula: welcome celebrity guests, smoke with them, and then chat. It sounds pretty straightforward, but the mix of Benson’s humor with potent weed and entertaining celebs—past guests include Jack Black, Aubrey Plaza, and more—is about as entertaining as it gets.

Regular segments on the show include High History, in which guests discuss the first time the ever smoked, Pot Topics that covers legalization and decriminalization across the US, and a quick-fire trivia round called Pot Quiz Hot Shot. And if video is more your style, you can also stream all of Doug’s shows over at Youtube. It's a "must" for any Top 5 marijuana podcasts list.

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Cannabis means a lot of things to a lot of people. For many, it’s a lifestyle. For others, it’s vital medication. But more increasingly, marijuana is becoming a business opportunity. No matter what your views on the growing marijuana industry may be, seeing its advent and growth to this point is exciting and intriguing.

That’s where CannaInsider comes in. Each episode features founder Matthew Kind discussing a relevant aspect of the growing marijuana market with an industry heavy hitter. Kind covers everything from disruptive market trends, product packaging tips, and dispensary best practices to up and coming technology designed for individual users, all  packed with perspectives from the people who are pushing the industry forward.

CannaInsider is a go-to resource for what’s next in legal and medicinal marijuana business.

The Russ Belville Show

The self-proclaimed “chief debunking officer” over at, “Radical” Russ Belville started his podcasting career in 2008 when he took over NORML’s Daily Audio Stash show. In the years since, Belville has hosted well over 1,500 podcast episodes and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down anytime soon.

The host of his own show on, Belville claims to be “The Voice of the Marijuana Nation,” so it’s not surprising that legalization, decriminalization, and politics tend to be primary topics of his focus. Belville dives into the tiny details of up and coming pot legislation and seeks to keep listeners aware of how these changes may affect their lifestyles.

Never one to pull any punches, Belville is all too willing to inject his signature rants into his episodes. It my not be for everyone, but Belville’s show hits the balance between news, opinion, and entertainment.

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The Hash

Production quality can be a make or break for many podcast listeners. For those with discerning ears and an interest in all things green, The Hash is likely their show of choice from this marijuana podcasts list.

The Hash checks all of the boxes for a marijuana journalism outlet: news, culture, reviews, interviews, and so much more. Each episode not only seeks to be informative, but to tell the personal stories behind the industry and the people driving it forward.

But what sets the show apart is its attention to detail. And you’d expect nothing less from a crew that includes seasoned cannabis journalists and former Cannabis Now editor David Downs.

The Hash is equal parts education, entertainment, and lifestyle, and the results couldn’t be more engaging. Be sure to bookmark this site, because you’ll want to listen to every episode.