A Stoner’s Summer Vacation Hit List

A Stoner’s Summer Vacation Hit List

It’s summertime, which means it’s prime season for a vacation. If you’re looking for a cannabis excursion, there are plenty of amazing places to see and legally enjoy cannabis.

Let’s take a look at our top destinations for a canna-holiday.

Denver, Colorado

Everyone knows that Denver is the Mecca of cannabis culture in the United States. The city has been on the leading edge of the industry since the earliest days of decriminalization and legalization in the states. Surrounded by plenty of natural beauty and one of the country’s best outdoor music venues — Red Rocks — Denver is the ideal destination for cannabis lovers who crave time camping or hitting a trail.

Seattle, Washington

Seattle was one of the pioneers of legal cannabis. Surrounded by incredible natural beauty, the Emerald City is a stoner’s dream. Cannabis can be easily found, there are tons of landmarks to check out, and hiking trails abound. Plus, you can always catch a Seattle Sounders game. Or, at the very least, you’ll be able to hear the fans chanting from a few miles away!

Washington, D.C.

Summer vacay is the perfect time to head to our nation’s capital to take in some history. Home of more museums than you can count, D.C. is an amazing blend of culture, education, and fun. Although D.C.’s pot policy isn’t as liberal as Colorado or Washington, there are plenty of dispensaries where you can stock up before hitting the Smithsonian or our favorite, The International Spy Museum.

Negril, Jamaica

Jamaica and ganja go hand in hand. They’re pretty much synonymous. So, what could be a better summer vacay spot than Bob Marley’s homeland? Jamaica may not have the infrastructure of dispensaries that you’d find in the states, but buying and carrying bud shouldn’t be a problem. Snag a sack and enjoy the sun, sand, and surf.

Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

Jamaica isn’t the only ideal beach destination for a summer getaway. Costa Rica has decriminalized cannabis, and just so happens to be home to some of the most beautiful beaches in Central and South America. Toss in the rainforest exploration, vibrant nightlife, and surfing, and you’ve got one heck of a trip booked.

Got a favorite summer vacation spot? Let us know your favorites in the comments!