Seniors: The Next Cannabis Boom?

Seniors: The Next Cannabis Boom?

A recent study shows that 64% of Americans support legalized marijuana. While younger smokers and tokers certainly account for their fair share of those polled, a surprising finding stands out — seniors are the fastest-growing cannabis user demographic.

Senior citizens are typically identified as anyone over age 65. At first glance, that may not sound like the ideal weed demographic, but recent surveys have found that older Americans — especially those who toked earlier in their lives — are rediscovering their love for bud.

Industry leaders believe many older Americans stopped smoking due to the threat of legal trouble and the stigma surrounding cannabis use. Now that many states are decriminalizing and legalizing weed, however, seniors are giving green another shot.

A Matter Of Preference

One factor contributing to the increased number of older adults enjoying cannabis is the sheer number of ways to consume it, as well as the ability to get repeatable, predictable highs. Whether smoking, vaping, or eating, seniors are not looking for the most potent strains on the market, but are rather interested in smaller doses which are becoming more readily (and legally) available.

Interestingly enough, for a generation that grew up rolling joints, smoking cannabis doesn’t appear be the preferred delivery method for seniors. For many, the thought of ingesting smoke seems detrimental to health. Instead, many seniors are turning to vape pens. In some dispensaries, vape sales represent 25% of total sales.

What The Doctor Ordered

Perhaps the most compelling reason seniors are looking to cannabis is for their health. And we’re not just talking THC, either. As research continues into the therapeutic applications of CBD, cannabis products of all types are being explored by aging Americans.

Cannabis research has shown tremendous potential for herb to ease symptoms of chronic pain and other age-associated conditions. As more seniors look past the stigma associated with cannabis, many may find relief from troublesome conditions they struggle with daily.

Do you see yourself toking into old age? If so, why? Let us know!