The Rise Of The Cannabis Consumption Club

The Rise Of The Cannabis Consumption Club

The lack of public places to consume cannabis is problematic, especially in cities where law-abiding tourists might want to enjoy some legal weed. That's where cannabis consumption clubs come in.

Public cannabis consumption is still illegal in most states, even in states where buying recreational marijuana is allowed. Things might be staring to change, however, as Denver recently gave a license to a club called the Coffee Joint, where locals, as well as tourists, are welcome to vape, dab, or eat their cannabis products.

About The Coffee Joint

The first licensed social consumption club and coffee house, The Coffee Joint strives to offer a cozy place to consume cannabis, as well as educate the public about legal weed.

Some rules do apply, though. While you can vape, dab, and consume your edibles by yourself or with your friends, smoking is prohibited because of the state’s indoor smoking ban. Also, while the coffee shop isn’t allowed to sell marijuana products, its co-owner manages the dispensary next door.

Why is it important to have places like this?

When you buy legal recreational weed, you need a place to use it, right? If you live nearby, you can just go home, but more options would be better, and a nice coffeehouse where you can gather with friends is one such appealing option.

Where can tourists use cannabis?

Tourists often have trouble finding places where they can consume their cannabis. In Las Vegas, for example, marijuana use is prohibited in hotels, on the streets, or in other public places. The only option is getting invited to someone’s home, but how often does that happen?

It’s great that recreational cannabis is allowed in Las Vegas, but when it’s hard to find a place to use it, tourists might feel compelled to start using it illegally on the streets or in their hotel rooms. With access to licensed cannabis consumption clubs, they would have a safer and legal alternative where they could enjoy their weed.

Why aren’t there more cannabis lounges or cafes?

As USA Today reports, lawmakers are struggling to come up with rules that would allow people to consume cannabis in certain places without compromising other regulations like indoor smoking bans. Also, some fear that these lounges could create public safety problems, especially when people drive home after smoking or otherwise consuming cannabis.

A lot has still to be figured out.

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