5 Noteworthy Portland Cannabis Writers

5 Noteworthy Portland Cannabis Writers

Portland is home to some great cannabis writers. From covering the latest brands and industry trends to policy reporting, here are some of the best Portland cannabis writers.

It’s always good to have a trusted advisor — someone you can turn to for perspective or advice. In the wide world of weed, we always look to some of our favorite writers for inspiration, education, and good, old fashioned fun.

Portland cannabis writers happen to be some of the very best cannabis writers. Here are five you should know. Oh, and just because these writers are Portland-based, it doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be followed by wider audiences.

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Angela Bacca

We had to start the list with one of our own contributors! We are honored to have Angela Bacca as a regular contributor here at The Sugar Leaf. She has covered everything from cannabis politics and policy analysis to cannabusiness business trends — always offering a fresh perspective and balanced take regardless of the topic covered. If you want the inside track on the latest developments in legal cannabis, look no further than Angela’s work.

Josh Jardine

Resident cannabis journalist for The Portland Mercury, Josh Jardine covers it all. From politics to product reviews, no topic fall outside his purview. One of our personal favorite articles by Josh covered the tumultuous topic of cannabis and romance. Every article Josh writes bears his signature wit and sense of humor, making even the drier topics interesting.

Martin Cizmar

The former Arts and Culture editor for The Willamette Weekly, Martin Cizmar consistently produced great writing on the beer and cannabis industries. Over the course of his tenure, Martin left an indelible mark on cannabis journalism in Oregon. And, though he has moved on, to a different publication, we’ll always enjoy revisiting his WW work.

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Laurie Wolf

Referred to as the “Martha Stewart of marijuana edibles” by The New Yorker, Laurie Wolf’s recipes have appeared in High Times and Dope magazines, as well as countless other online outlets. Laurie’s recipes are so delicious and popular, that she founded Laurie + MaryJane to bring her edibles to the masses. Her recipes consistently inspire us to get in the kitchen.

Lester Black

Lester Black with the Portland Mercury takes a no-side-stepping approach to cannabis journalism. He’s a straight shooter in an industry where a frank perspective is appreciated. His product reviews and first-timer guides should be required reading for anyone new to cannabis.

Of course there are other great Portland cannabis writers. Enough for more articles like this one in the future (yes, that’s a teaser).