Oregon Outdoors: Some Of The Best Mt. Hood Hikes

Oregon Outdoors: Some Of The Best Mt. Hood Hikes

The Pacific Northwest brings to mind images of tall pines, moss, and running waterfalls. One visit to the Mt. Hood area offers all of these. Here are some of the best Mt. Hood hikes.

Anyone who has ever visited — or seen a picture for that matter — of Portland is no stranger to the majesty of Mt. Hood. The mountain’s picturesque peak dominates Portland’s skyline, serving as a constant reminder of the incredible outdoor adventures that lie just beyond the city’s bustling streets. Want to get out there? Then let’s take a look at some of the best Mt. Hood hikes (of the day hike variety).

Oh, and as usual, we’ve got some great strain recommendations for these journeys.

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Devil’s Peak

Devil’s Peak is home to one of the few remaining Forest Service lookout points, which means it’s home to some killer views of Mt. Hood and the surrounding scenery. The hike is relatively short — just 3 miles roundtrip — and that makes it perfect for a quick smoke sesh and stroll through the woods.

Recommended strain: Orange Juice — a delicious, citrusy indica-heavy hybrid.

Lost Lake Loop

The Lost Lake Loop is a nearly level hike, making it ideal for hikers of all levels and interests. What makes Lost Lake so special is seeing Mt. Hood’s reflection off the shimmering surface of the water, so be sure to bring your camera!

Recommended strain: Blue Dream — one of Portland’s most popular strains.

Still Creek

Still Creek may not offer up any views of Mt. Hood, but it will provide breathtaking scenes of rushing water and lush forests. Turns out Still Creek isn’t actually that still after all.

Recommended strain: Sour Diesel — a surefire sativa-heavy hybrid.

Mirror Lake

Located just off Highway 26, the Mirror Lake hike may be the most easily accessible hike on our list. And clocking in at just under 3 miles, it is ideal for a quick day hike. If you time your trip right, you see why Mirror Lake got its name courtesy of a beautiful reflection of Mt. Hood.

Recommended strain: OG Kush — another regional favorite perfect for a day on the trail.

Ramona Falls

This hike is a moderately difficult 6.9 mile loop trail. While it’s not a simple stroll, the waterfalls are well worth the trip. Shaded by huge trees, the sunlight that filters through to the falls makes for gorgeous rainbows.

Recommended strain: Girl Scout Cookies — a cross between Durban Poison and OG Kush is the ideal hiker’s companion.

Did we miss one of your favorites on our best Mt. Hood hikes list? Hit us up so we don’t miss out!