Oregon Cannabis Vapes: 5 Brands To Know

Oregon Cannabis Vapes: 5 Brands To Know

Discreet and effective, vapes are quickly becoming a consumption method of choice for tokers everywhere. Here are a few Oregon cannabis vapes to keep in mind.

Sometimes you may want to blaze up and not have to worry about sidelong glances. You know, feeling comfortable ripping a bowl or bong among friends. Other times, you want to roll as incognito as possible. For those situations, there’s nothing better than a trusty vape pen. Check out these brands for our go-to options for subtle toke sessions.

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If there’s one company that’s mastered a stylish, high-performing vape pen, it’s Quill. Based out of Portland, Quill manufactures a sleek pen that looks amazing and works like an absolute charm. The Quill is easily slipped into your pocket and makes travel a breeze. In fact, it looks more like a ball point pen then a vape.


Based in Eugene, Evolvd is notable for a few reasons. First, they have designed a sleek, stainless steel, leak-proof vape pen with their proprietary Capsl atomizer. Pretty awesome, right? It gets better. They’ve also mastered the development of strain-specific, “terpene-steeped” Atrisn extracts. Produced without harsh solvents, these extracts blend the best elements of popular cannabis strains — and the results taste amazing.

Select Oil

Select has championed the development of vape pens for cannabis users of all walks of life. From their phenomenal CBD disposable to the powerful Elite line, Select offers potency and flavor options for everyone. This range of products, coupled with a 7-step quality check process means Select vapes products consistently knock it out of the park.

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Golden Xtracts

Golden Xtracts is another vape company that pioneered the development of their own pen system. Called the Bliss cartridge, Golden’s design is completely plastic-free and provides clean, clear hits. They also offer a full range of extracts from small-batch Private Stash to Gold Label Reserve, Golden offers blends and single-strain options that are total crowd pleasers.

Green Dragon Extracts

Green Dragon specializes in extracts produced through a proprietary CO2 subcritical extraction system. The results are tasty, strain-specific vape cartridges that hit clean and provide astounding results.

Do you have a favorite vape brand? Clue us in! Or head on over to our Shop Now page to browse our inventory of Oregon cannabis vapes.