Not Just Beer: Other Cannabis-Infused Beverage Options

Not Just Beer: Other Cannabis-Infused Beverage Options

Several major breweries are hopping from hops and barley to bud. But the list of new, THC-infused beverage options isn’t limited to beer.

The cannabis-infused beverage biz is booming. Many people are looking for alternative ways to consume cannabis, and beverages have quickly joined edibles, oils, and tinctures among the most popular alternative pot products.

While cannabis-infused beer may be getting a lot of headlines these days, these other beverage options can also hey you get high or help you feel better:

Cannabis-infused Coffee and Tea

Drinking a cup of tea in the morning or after work can be very relaxing, and now it can be even more so. You can buy tea infused with THC or CBD. These teas can be used as a way to fall asleep easier — or without pain — and can also be used to get your creative juices flowing at work.

If you need some extra creativity or brain power during the day, you can also try a cannabis-infused coffee. The combination of THC and caffeine will leave you feel energized and creative, but also relaxed. No more stressing out at the beginning of a busy day at work. (We don’t recommend drinking it before bed, however.)

Cannabis-infused Soda

Today, even a soda can get you high. Different brands are available, offering a wide range of indica-, sativa- and hybrid-infused beverages. There’s a can or bottle for every taste and need: If you need help falling asleep, for example, pop open one with indica.

Dissolvable THC Packets

This might sound odd to some of you — or perhaps the best invention ever to others — but you can now add a packet of 10 mg purified THC to any drink of your choice. This flavor-free powder will allow you to discreetly enjoy a cannabis-infused beverage.  

Note: If you think cannabis-infused drinks won’t get you high or relieve you of your symptoms, think again. Most contain between 10 and 40 mg of THC, and just one drink is enough for most people to feel the effects. Also, some drinks contain more than 200 mg of THC. This is too much for a first-time user or someone with low tolerance. Start with 10 mg, and work your way up.