Why Are More Millennials Choosing Weed Over Booze?

Why Are More Millennials Choosing Weed Over Booze?

As more and more states are legalizing marijuana for recreational use, more and more millennials are opting for weed over alcohol. But why?

Drinking — especially binge drinking — can come with a lot of consequences: Doing stupid stuff you’ll definitely regret later, forgetting what you did the evening before, being hungover, spending hours feeling sick the next morning, potentially hurting (or worse) others, and more. Jena, a 27-year-old woman who recently switched from alcohol to weed, told Marketwatch that she saves a lot of money by ditching the alcohol.

All of those factors, coupled with increased access to legal weed, is driving many millennials to cut back on the bottle in favor of bud.

In October 2017, Forbes reported that “millennials are blamed for falling beer sales in the U.S.” Those who still wish to drink are increasingly turning to craft beer, cocktails, and wine instead of cheap beer.

Many prefer having a nice time with friends over getting drunk, and weed can give them that high. Weed is also seen as much safer than alcohol by many people — especially millennials. According to a recent poll published in The Tylt, 87.6 percent of respondents said that alcohol is dangerous. Only 12.4% said that “pot is poison.”

In response to these perceptions and usage habits among millennials, the beverage industry continues to roll out CBD or THC-infused (alcohol-free) beers and other products in order regain lost sales and protect future ones. And if millennials can have this much of an effect on a long-established industry, their potential influence on continued marijuana legalization efforts should be overlooked, either.

So, smoking weed at parties instead of drinking alcohol is cheaper, allows you to really enjoy yourself, won’t give you extra calories, and won’t leave feeling ashamed or sick the next morning.

Seems like a good alternative, doesn’t it?