Marijuana Music: Top Tunes For Toking

Marijuana Music: Top Tunes For Toking

No smoke session is complete without the perfect marijuana music. Fortunately for tokers everywhere, there’s a stoner band or song for just about every genre imaginable. From blazed-out rap and hip hop to sludgy, droning stoner metal, there are plenty of bands ready to profess their love and affection for sweet Mary Jane — either directly or just in the vibe they send out.

To help you tune in and mellow out, here’s a marijuana music starter set full of some of the most ganja-loving musicians out there. So, load up your playlists, pop in your earbuds, and then tell us what you think in the comments!

Cypress Hill

It is impossible to create a list of weed-loving musicians without including Cypress Hill. Trust us, we tried. And every time we circle right back around to “Hits from the Bong.” Seriously, this song is literally about how great it is to smoke and get stoned, complete with instructions on how to hit a bong. Add that to the bong rip sounds effects and the Dusty Springfield, “Son of a Preacher Man” sample and you’ve got straight fire.

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See also: Dr. Dre feat. Snoop Dogg, Kurupt, and Nate Dogg, “The Next Episode”


Listening to just about 30 seconds of any Sublime album is enough for anyone to tell that these guys just loved weed. Their sound is tailor made for house parties and joint passing. Not to mention song titles like, “Smoke Two Joints” and “Let’s Go Get Stoned.” These guys put stoner ska rock on the map.

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See also: Slightly Stoopid — any/all of it.

Willie Nelson

Stoner music’s great-great-(great?)-grandfather. He deserves a spot on every single list like this one. A born rebel who has never shied away from telling everyone he loves weed, Willie is endearing for countless reasons, one being that he’s country music’s most lovable stoner.

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See also: Sturgill Simpson, “Turtles All the Way Down”

Black Sabbath

Simply put, stoner metal didn’t exist before Black Sabbath. Built on the back of guitar riffs that you can just picture sliding out of a low-lit, smoke-filled room and into your ears, Sabbath created and owned the bluesy sludge — and blazing guitar solos — that would inspire generations of metal bands to come.

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See also: Sleep, “Dragonaut”

Bob Marley

Another marijuana music no-brainer. Some of Marley’s weed anthems may have been lightly coded (re: “Kaya"), but no one ever, EVER, doubted his passion for marijuana and its spiritual benefits. Bob Marley’s name is emblazoned across everything from rolling papers to incense, and pictures of holding a joint with a smile on his face can be found just about anywhere. Let’s face it, the man was the living embodiment of what everyone loves about weed — feeling great, connecting with people, and enjoying nature and music.

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See also: Peter Tosh, “Legalize It”

The Grateful Dead

One of the best things about smoking weed is where your mind goes after you take a hit. All the thoughts you may not have had otherwise and rabbit holes you may not have ventured down. You know, consciousness-expanding. The real stuff.

Lighting up and listening to the Grateful Dead is like hearing one of those mental journeys take place. The Dead’s songs, especially live versions, start out structured enough, but then grow into dynamic jam sessions before settling back down.

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See also: The Allman Brothers — any/all of it.

George Clinton/Parliament Funkadelic

Yet another stoner jam pioneer, George Clinton blazed the trail of drugged-out funk that helped birth hip hop. Seldom seen on stage without a joint, Clinton understands better than most that nothing sets the tone for a party quite like a heavy smoke sesh. His music and reputation as a hall of fame stoner has inspired countless rappers, including Outkast’s own Big Boi making him a go-to collaborator for THC street cred.

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See also: Rick James, “Mary Jane’

Wiz Khalifa

The guy walked the red carpet at the 2017 MET Gala with a joint in his mouth. What other marijuana music street cred do you need? Oh, maybe this:

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See also: Kid Cudi, “Marijuana”