Marijuana Jobs: So You Want To Work With Weed?

Marijuana Jobs: So You Want To Work With Weed?

Are you interested in scoring a job in the legal marijuana industry? Seriously, who isn't? And let’s be real, the industry is exploding, affording job opportunities for people from all walks of life. Whether you’re an enthusiast looking to get more hands-on with your favorite herb, or you’re just looking to shake up your 9-to-5, there are plenty of marijuana jobs out there that will help you get your foot in the door to the larger industry.

Dispensary Customer Service/Receptionist

Cannabis dispensaries offer quite a few opportunities for entry level employment. The great thing about customer service and reception jobs is that they serve as great introductions to the industry. Customer service pros may not be hands on with actual product, but they get firsthand exposure to the ins and outs of running a dispensary. Couple that with face-to-face interaction with customers, and taking and assisting with orders, and you’ve set yourself on a path for any number of marijuana jobs.

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Budtenders are product experts that help customers find just the right herb or product. These pros are excellent listeners and customer service experts and they know every product inside and out. From a customer’s perspective, an informed and helpful budtender can make all the difference in a dispensary experience. Budtenders typically undergo pretty involved training programs and are expected to represent their products to the fullest. If you want to learn all there is about cannabis products and their effects, a budtender gig is just the ticket. Budtending can also be a great springboard into product development and a host of more involved marijuana jobs.


There are no two ways about it — trimming is all about production. If hands-on experience with cannabis flowers is more your speed, look no further than a trimming position. The work can become physically demanding over time, but it arguably provides the most direct knowledge of specific marijuana strains. Trimming might get repetitive, but if you can handle working on a single task for a few hours at a time, this can be well paying job that opens up a ton of opportunities. Good trimming skills plus a great personality and you’re set for a long, happy career in cannabis.

Marijuana Delivery

Not without a little controversy, and not available everywhere, marijuana delivery is booming regardless. Another customer-service oriented position, cannabis delivery requires a great attitude and punctuality. Delivery specialists have a tremendous amount of responsibility to cannabis patients, especially if those consumers are unable to travel to pick up medicine on their own. There may not be “delivered in 30 minutes or it’s free” guarantees, but delivery drivers have to be reliable and trustworthy. These guys and gals are frontline brand ambassadors and are treated as such. Put in the time and hard work and it will definitely pay off, maybe with a dispensary management position. Before you know it, you could be on the fast track to not just a job, but a career in cannabis.

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Cannabis Tourism

It really is a shame, but marijuana still isn’t legal in every state. We know — shocker. But there’s a silver lining. Tourism has exploded in states where weed is legal, and that means more marijuana jobs.

Marijuana tourism blends customer service, recreation, and travel all into one exciting vocation. Tour guides are responsible for creating and coordinating packages and activities that highlight the vast amenities states like Colorado and Oregon have to offer. These folks help forge strong partnerships will local restaurants and breweries and truly get to experience the joys of sharing legal cannabis with people from around the world. We can think of worse ways to earn a living.

A Word to the Wise…

Now the not-so-good news. Word has gotten out that the weed business is booming. This means that there are literally hundreds of applicants for every entry level job that opens up. If you’re really serious about working in the industry, take some time to think about what job you want and work hard on getting your résumé together.

Yeah, it’s weed and pretty much everyone you encounter will be laid back, but it’s still business.

Ok, ok. We can’t end on a downer note, so here’s a little more good news. There are a TON of cannabis job boards out there. In addition to listing jobs, they also offer some great advice on landing your dream weed gig. So check ‘em out and start applying!