Marijuana Dispensary Etiquette: Your First Visit

Marijuana Dispensary Etiquette: Your First Visit

Cannabis legalization has introduced people of all ages to the health benefits of medicinal marijuana and the joys of recreational use. Even better, visiting a marijuana dispensary makes it possible to find specific strains to give you control over how you feel.

From stress and anxiety management to chronic pain relief or just simple relaxation, there’s a bud or edible for everyone. But for the first-time user, or someone visiting from a state where marijuana isn’t legal, visiting a marijuana dispensary can be a little stressful. What do you need to take with you? What is it like to buy in a dispensary?

We hear you, and we’re here to help with some valuable pointers.

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Do your homework

If you’re a little nervous about your first visit to a marijuana dispensary, walking in blind isn’t going to do you any favors. Take some time and research dispensaries in your area and see what other people have to say. User reviews can provide valuable insight into key characteristics, including staff friendliness, product quality, and price range. Once you find a dispensary you like, check their website and familiarize yourself with their products or any special requirements they may have.

As you’re researching dispensaries, it’s also a great idea to do some basic research on strains. Are you buying for a medical reason or just for a nice, easy high? Think about how you want to feel so you can be informed when you head out to make your purchase. Another important point to consider is how you want to consume your cannabis. Not wild about smoking? Research some edibles. There’s quite literally something for everyone, but finding the right fit depends on what you prefer.

No one wants to be that guy or gal staring blankly at a menu and forcing others to wait — so put in a little work ahead of time.

Be prepared

As you’re doing your research, a few things will become clear. First of all, most legal dispensaries are cash-only. There may be a few exceptions, but you should always be prepared to pay in cash. Also, bud and edibles can add up quickly, so make sure you bring enough to cover your entire purchase, or be prepared to use an onsite ATM.

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Regardless of the dispensary you visit, you’ll be required to present your state-issued identification. Just like buying alcohol, be prepared to be carded. It’s the law, so have your ID ready and roll with it.

Show some patience

At many dispensaries, once your ID is checked, you are given a number and told to wait until it is called. So, grab your number, have a seat, and wait your turn. It’s that simple.

More often than not, you don’t have to wait too long. And, more importantly, showing a little patience can go a long way with staff members at the dispensary. There’s always that one person who complains about their wait time, so don’t be that person.

If anything, your wait will give you a little more time to do some research. So, kick back, relax, and get ready for your first buying experience.

Ask questions

Once your number is called, you can head into the shop. For a first timer, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer number of products. If you’re not used to it, simply seeing so much marijuana in one place at one time can put a silly grin on your face. Once the initial shock and awe subsides, have a look around and ask a few questions.

Now, this doesn’t mean you have free reign to play 20 questions with every budtender in the dispensary, but it’s ok to ask questions and get a little advice. Budtenders are in the industry for a reason — they love cannabis and helping other people enjoy it as much as they do. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, or you’re having trouble deciding what to buy, simply ask.

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Budtenders know their products, so if you’re having trouble finding something or are unsure if something is right for you, ask for some pointers. They’ll be happy to help, but don’t feel pressured to follow all of their suggestions. Remember, it’s your choice!

Have fun

If you’ve never been to a marijuana dispensary, it’s easy to overthink things. Don’t get carried away, and remember that the whole point is to have fun. Simply walking into a dispensary can be a little bit of sensory overload, and that’s ok. Relax, enjoy the experience, and try something new. After a few visits, you’ll be a pro.