Marijuana Advocates: 5 Celebrity Cannabis Supporters

Marijuana Advocates: 5 Celebrity Cannabis Supporters

From medical benefits to stimulating the creative juices or just getting a little relaxation, there are plenty of reasons to support marijuana legalization. While we Average Joes tend to speak out for cannabis reform in friendly debates or — hopefully — at the polls, celebrities have tremendous opportunities to air their thoughts and opinions to change public opinion on weed. Here’s a rundown of some of the most outspoken celebrity marijuana advocates.

Willie Nelson

How could we not put this guy at the top of our marijuana advocates list? Willie Nelson is the OG celebrity pot crusader. Open and honest about his run-ins with the law, as well as his love of weed, Willie was pulling for legalization before it was cool — or even seemingly possible. Willie has used his celebrity to help support the National Organization of the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML), even serving as co-chair for its advisory board. Ever the savvy businessman, Willie also founded his company Willie’s Reserve — his endorsed line of flower and edible products — and committed the company to pursuing social justice and changing marijuana laws.

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Seth Rogen

Seth Rogen is the quintessential movie stoner. From Knocked Up to Pineapple Express, it seems like his characters always have a joint in hand or a bong nearby. But Rogen’s love of bud goes deeper than his on-screen personas. Always outspoken, Rogen has often discussed the creative benefits of weed, especially in his career as a screenwriter. Beyond that, however, he has never pulled any punches speaking out on pot laws. Named NORML’s 2007 Stoner of the Year, Rogen continues to use his name and celebrity to help change public opinion on cannabis.

Morgan Freeman

Some celebrities might speak out on the recreational joys of smoking pot, and while Morgan Freeman might jump on that bandwagon, he tends to focus on the medical benefits of smoking weed. A fibromyalgia sufferer, Freeman has often talked to the press about how cannabis is the only thing that can control his chronic pain and other symptoms. For Freeman, it’s not all about getting high either — he continually voices support of using cannabis to control seizures, especially in kids.

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Snoop Dogg

Ok, ok. It might be a tossup between Willie Nelson and Snoop Dogg for the most notable celebrity stoner, but this isn’t exactly a competition. Most importantly, Snoop has never been one to hide his love of weed. Founder of his own medical and recreational cannabis company, Leafs by Snoop, Snoop has committed himself to reforming marijuana laws across the country. Keeping his finger on the pulse of the legalization crusade, Snoop has never shied away from an opportunity to express his support for law reform and has become a leading innovator and savvy businessman in the industry.

Sarah Silverman

Back in 2014, Sarah Silverman walked the red carpet at the Emmys with her trusty J-pen vaporizer in hand. Publicity stunt or not, Silverman put weed tech firmly in the spotlight. In her red carpet interview, Silverman pulled no punches talking about her favorite way to get high — and that was just the beginning. Silverman has gone on to speak openly about cannabis, often in support of legal reform or, famously, to share stories about getting stoned with her parents. Either way, Silverman always blends her comments with her signature sense of humor, making her commentary as entertaining as it is meaningful to nationwide reform efforts.