Kung Fu Grip Drops Their Most Gripping Release Yet

Kung Fu Grip Drops Their Most Gripping Release Yet

Take a journey with the ever-evolving duo turned trio on their latest project, filled with their most mature concepts and freshest beats yet.

Seattle based duo Kung Foo Grip, comprised of Eff Is H and Greg Scott, have steadily been building a reputation as consistent creatives, delivering an array of sounds across multiple projects. For their official debut released this past February on all digital platforms and pressed on limited run baby blue vinyl by Seattle Based Crane City Music, they have partnered with renowned producer Keyboard Kid to share their most cohesive project to date.

They stepped onto the scene while still in high school and built a reputation as dedicated practitioners of a classic hip hop sound. As they grew up they never let their love of traditional hip hop stylings interfere with the development of their art.

2KFG is a journey through their minds, soundtracked by one of Seattle’s best modern producers. Here, Keyboard Kid makes a bold statement with his beats, delivering a perfect mixture of the popular sounds in rap today but backed by the heavy boom bap drums hip hop classicists will always crave. He provides the perfect canvas for Eff is H and Scott to tell their tales.

As staples of today's ever-evolving Seattle hip-hop scene, they pull on their years of cred to collaborate with those on their level and give space to a few young up-and-comers, as well. Nacho Picasso delivers a typical goonish verse on “Risin’” in his trademark flow, sounding as on point as he ever has. On “BMZ” Mr. Nicenice and 2Cup Slim show up and out over crunchy synthesized sounds — perhaps one of the most inorganic beats on the project and tailored for a turn up rarely seen in the Seattle scene.

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While the previously mentioned tracks content fits squarely in the drug-obsessed culture of current rap trends, Kung Foo Grip goes deeper than most, with 2KFG addressing life’s pitfalls and the struggles that can make it real easy to just want to get high and forget all the pain. The duo has always embraced the concept of “Indigo Children," and here we are treated to their ability to walk a line that few others can. Kung Foo Grip is a product of this crazy world and their navigation of its waves should be lauded — this is music that speaks to multiple facets of life, embraces the diversity, and has fun even through the struggles.