5 Holiday Cannabis Gifts For Cannabis Fans

5 Holiday Cannabis Gifts For Cannabis Fans

Shopping for someone special this holiday season who just happens to love cannabis? Then be sure to scout out these five possible cannabis gifts. 

As more and more folks have access to legal marijuana, more and more products are hitting the market to enhance their legal weed experience.

Whether you — or a weed lover you love — is looking for a quick, tasty hit or to, say, spend more afternoons in the kitchen baking cannabis-infused treats, these great cannabis gifts are perfect for sprinkling under the tree or stuffing in a stocking this holiday season.


Equal parts class and convenience, the SilverStick is as great to look at as it to use. Made with large aircraft-grade alloy pipe, this one-hitter sports a cotton filter, which diffuses your smoke, blocks unwanted embers, and filters out the tar, sludge, and other impurities you get from unfiltered pipes. Each SilverStick is reliable, easy to clean, and comes with 15 filters.

Price: $25


Do you want the best in portable, handheld, vaporizer technology? Of course you do. And the Pax 2 is the way to get it.

The original Pax was pretty good, but the Pax 2 is smaller, lighter, smarter, and just plain better. The battery lasts 30 percent longer, the redesigned oven gives more consistent heat, and its four heat settings, one button control, and LED indicator make vaping a breeze. The redesigned mouthpiece won’t conduct heat when the unit is not in use, and the Pax 2’s intelligent heating and cooling system regulates the temperature only when ended, extending battery life and giving you hit after hit on a single charge.

Price: $149.99


The Zig Zag 78mm Rolling Machine rolls “cigarettes” that are just a little bit bigger than typical rolling machines. It’s fast and easy to use, and at $4.99, it’s too good of a deal to pass up. Just drop in a filter, add the weed and paper, and let it roll.

Price: $4.99


Not all ashtrays are created equally, and none are created like the Kind Ash Cache. Gone are the days of worrying about smashing your glass pipes. Constructed from stainless steel and and featuring a Soft Silicone Smash Pillar, the Kind Ash Cache lets you safely tap away your ash. Not only does it catch all your ash, but it features 14mm and 18mm glass piece holders, slots for poker and rolling papers, as well as a lighter or a dram vial holder.

Price: $13.44


We can safely say that there is not a single kitchen appliance — or canna-gadget — in the world quite like the MagicalButter Machine. Making cannabutter or oil can be a time-consuming process, but not with this botanical extractor. Simply drop in your herb, along with some butter or oil, then press two buttons and let this slow cooker do its business. In addition to butter and oil, you can add weed to grain alcohol, lotions, or whatever else you can dream up. The MagicalButter Machine cooks easily, safely, and consistently, and even does a great job of minimizing the smell of cooking with cannabis.

Price: $174.95

So there you have it, a list of five cannabis gifts any cannabis lover would enjoy. Happy shopping.