Which Celebrities Are Getting Into The Cannabis Game?

Which Celebrities Are Getting Into The Cannabis Game?

Celebrities are no strangers to the cannabis game. From familiar faces to former A-listers, celebs are making the move into legal cannabis for a multitude of reasons.

Cannabis is still booming and is drawing investors of all industries anxious to cash in. Some of the most notable weed investors are celebrities who have developed a vested interested in marijuana. Whether through a lifelong love affair with herb or otherwise, it’s amazing to see who is investing, where, and why.

Who And Why Now?

Let’s start our discussion with the most familiar faces. The folks whose names pop in your head when you think of weed. That’s right — Willie Nelson, Tommy Chong, and Snoop Dogg. Why are these guys getting in on the weed game? Well, it makes sense with their personal brands. These three guys have virtually been synonymous with smoking, so it’s only natural that they would release their products.

Beyond some of the famous faces, there are celebs who are getting in on legal weed because of its health benefits. Whoopi Goldberg’s company, Whoopi & Maya, began in an effort to ease menstrual symptoms, while Melissa Etheridge’s Etheridge Farms offer cannabis products to treat cancer symptoms and arthritis.

Finally, there is a group of celebrities that are investing in cannabis because it may have saved their lives — quite literally. In October 2015, Lamar Odom nearly died from a cocaine overdose. After recovering, Odom spoke out about medical cannabis and the key role it played in overcoming his cocaine addiction. Operating under the name Rich Soil Organics, Odom’s company is expected to launch in 2018.

What Are The Obstacles?

If you think a famous face is enough to sell cannabis, however, it’s time to think again. As legalization and decriminalization becomes more common, some countries are taking a harder stance on celeb-endorsed weed. Most notably, Canada has strict packaging guidelines that prevent Snoop Dogg from appearing in any ads for his products. If more countries follow Canada’s lead, it will be interesting to see just how much impact star power has on cannabis buyers.

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