Cannabis Events For The Enthusiast’s Calendar

Cannabis Events For The Enthusiast’s Calendar

4/20 is the signature cannabis holiday, but there’s a whole world of festivals and cannabis events out there taking place year round. As more states continue to legalize recreational weed consumption, more and more celebrations are popping up. Not to mention international opportunities to travel, toke, and enjoy all things green.

Check our hit list of cannabis festivals, then grab a travel guide and start planning your ultimate globe-trotting marijuana excursion.

The High Times Cannabis Cup

High Times is arguably the most recognizable name in the weed industry. So naturally, the Cannabis Cup is one of the most popular pot events in the world. Going on 30 plus years of celebrations, the Cannabis Cup is now a series of domestic and international trade shows and competitions. Featuring locations from California to Rhode Island and Jamaica to Amsterdam, the Cannabis Cup is the must-do event for recreational and medicinal marijuana connoisseurs.

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Cannabis Liberation Day

Marking its 9th annual celebration in 2017, Cannabis Liberation Day is the premier of all Amsterdam cannabis events. And what good would a list of weed festivals be without the Dutch hemp hub? Hosted in Flevopark — Amsterdam’s greenest park — Cannabis Liberation Day features a cannabis university, masterclasses, world-renowned keynote speakers, and amazing music. The 2017 event will feature a keynote speech from Ricardo Baca from The Cannabist.

New York City Cannabis Film Festival

Good smoke and good movies go together like peanut butter and jelly. Enter the New York City Cannabis Film Festival. In its third year, this day-long festival features a potent blend of educational and entertaining cannabis cinema to build bridges between the marijuana and film communities. The festival also serves as a venue for local businesses and educators to host workshops that encourage attendees to get involved in entrepreneurial and continued decriminalization efforts.

The Four-Twenty Games

Who says all stoners are lazy couch potatoes? The Four-Twenty Games exist almost solely to refute this misconception. Hosted in 8 cities across the western U.S., the games were established to illustrate that weed can be part of a healthy lifestyle. Each event is headline by a 4.20 mile fun run and live music alongside a beer tasting tent, reps from industry heavy hitters, and skating and biking events. Lace up your running shoes and help tackle this faulty stigma about recreational pot use and users!

National Cannabis Festival

The nation’s capital plays host to one of the biggest cannabis events in the U.S. — the National Cannabis Festival. Founded in 2015 by a entrepreneurs, business leaders, cannabis enthusiasts, and policy reform advocates, the festival is a gathering of pro-legalization supporters from across the country. In 2016, more than 5,000 attendees enjoyed a day-long concert headlined by De la Soul, presentations from congressmen, contests, yoga, and more. The hits will keep coming in the 2017 festival, as hip hop artists Talib Kweli and The Pharcyde head up the entertainment and Dr. Jill Stein is slated to speak.

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Amsterdam may be the most well-known European cannabis destination, but Spain is home to arguably the largest cannabis celebration on the continent. Hosted in Madrid and Barcelona, Spannabis is a huge gathering of vendors in two of the most beautiful cities on the planet. And get this—Barcelona alone has more than 200 legal weed dispensaries. Join up with more than 3,000 of your closest friends and keep your eyes peeled for the festival’s more than 200 exhibitors. Spannabis covers everything from cultivation techniques to up and coming technology, as well as the latest strains from Spain’s leading weed companies. The 2016 festival also featured The Gathering of Cannabis Women organized for female business leaders and entrepreneurs to promote gender equality in the legal marijuana industry.

California Cannabis Business Expo

Most cannabis events focus on fun (of course) and working to effect policy change in legislation. While these events go a long way in tightening global communities of cannabis enthusiasts, another type of festival — ahem, conference — is on the rise: the Cannabis Business Expo. In legalized states cannabis is, very clearly, a business. Naturally more opportunities to learn the tricks of the trade and the nuances of building a legal weed business are growing. The California Cannabis Business Expo is one such event. Founded in Denver in 2015 as the Marijuana Investor Summit and Business Expo, the event moved to California in 2016. The 2017 event in San Jose is sure to be a crash course in hot topics guiding the growing recreational and medicinal pot industry in the U.S.