5 Marijuana-Themed Facebook Accounts We Love

5 Marijuana-Themed Facebook Accounts We Love

Here are 5 marijuana-themed Facebook accounts we love. Follow these (and us, of course!), and you’ll always be up to date about the latest cannabis news.

Using Facebook can be a great way to find interesting information and funny facts about cannabis. Moreover, it allows you to be part of a community, and share experiences with other enthusiasts.

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Herb shares interesting articles, but also some funny GIFs and videos which might remind you of sticky-icky situations you’ve been in yourself. Following this page is a nice way to stay updated on the latest cannabis-related news, and to comment on it. And considering it has the most massive followings of the marijuana-themed Facebook accounts, there are some interesting discussions going on in the comment section of the shared links.

NowThis Weed

This Facebook account shows you some awesome videos about new concepts, cannabis news and laws all across the world. If you don’t have time to read long articles, you’ll be quickly caught up to date by watching a short video from NowThis Weed. This page has almost 2.5 million likes, so chances are high you’re going to feel right at home in this community of like-minded people.

Medical Cannabis

Surprise surprise, this page is all about medical cannabis. A must-follow for anyone interested in how cannabis can be used to take care of health ailments. Medical Cannabis focuses not only on adults, but also on children who use CBD to control their seizures for instance. Feel free to talk about your own experience in the comments, or ask people with the same condition for advice.

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International Cannabis Community Info & News

Things are moving fast in the cannabis world, and not only in the U.S. This Facebook page shares articles from different sources from all over the world. China, Spain, and yes, even the U.S. You’ll know what’s going on in all of these countries by simply following this page. It’s also a way to discuss the topic with people from the other side of the world. International Cannabis Community is very educational.

Learn to Heal Yourself

This page doesn’t have many likes or follows yet, but we wanted to put it in the spotlight anyway. This very active Facebook account posts regularly about medical cannabis, new laws and personal experiences. Learn to Heal Yourself is a Northern Ireland-based account, but it teaches you a lot about the medical potential of marijuana, and the struggle to make it legal in other parts of the world.