Marijuana Shops: The 5 Busiest Dispensary Days

Marijuana Shops: The 5 Busiest Dispensary Days

As the legal marijuana industry continues to grow, more and more cannabis consumers are making routine purchases the same way they would buy wine or alcohol. If you’re one of those repeat customers, there are some rules of thumb to avoid getting stuck in line behind fellow consumers at marijuana shops.

Best days and times of the week to buy cannabis

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If you’re wanting to swing by one of your favorite local marijuana shops to buy some weed, go on Sunday or Monday or when it’s cold and/or rainy outside. Or before 11 a.m. Those are typically the slowest times at your choice dispensary.

However, if you can’t make it at those times, at least try not to go after 5 p.m. Or on Friday. Chances are, it’ll be too busy. Thursdays and Saturdays can be pretty busy, too — especially if the weather’s nice and warm.

When it comes to busy days to buy pot, there are a few days throughout the year that are busier than others.

Busiest days of the year at marijuana shops

These were the top five busiest days at marijuana shops in 2016, according to the folks at MJ Freeway:

  • Known as “Weed Day,” 4/20 — or April 20th — was the biggest day of the year for cannabis sales in 2016. Sales on this day were 97% higher than any other day of the year.
  • A close second was December 31. What better way is there to ring in the New Year than by burning one down?

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  • On July 1, the Friday before the Fourth or July, countless cannabis connoisseurs picked up some pot along with their hot dogs, hamburgers, and fireworks.
  • No end-of-summer celebration is complete without a trip to the neighborhood weed shop on the Friday before Labor Day.  
  • Given the amount of family drama that can happen when families get together, it’s perhaps no surprise that November 23 — the day before Thanksgiving — made this list.

Did you know?

While some people assume that 4/20 is the police radio code for marijuana, the number of chemical compounds in cannabis, or Bob Marley’s birthday, the number was actually the result of a treasure hunt. Here’s more about the hazy history of 4/20.