2018’s Best Bowls (So Far)

2018’s Best Bowls (So Far)

In the age of vapes and temperature-controlled devices, there’s still something special and nice about hitting a bowl.

Bowls are arguably the most utilitarian device for enjoying herb. They’re portable, easy to share, and they’ll get you where you wanna go pretty quickly. What’s not to like? Better yet, bowl designs are continually improving, meaning they’re becoming more effective and fun to use. Here’s a look at our favorites for 2018 so far.

Just remember to keep your bowls clean:

Summerland Ceramics Fruit Fantasy

Fine, we’ll admit it. We love basically everything Summerland Ceramics produces. And how could we not? From their incredible terra cotta bongs to amazing one hitters, all of their pieces are thoughtfully designed and fun. Perhaps none more so than the Fruit Fantasy bowl. Imagine the scenario — you’ve got herb, but nothing to smoke it out of. In a fit of desperation, you grab an apple and quickly make a bowl. This piece will remind you of those hard times without wasting fruit! Plus, it would look awesome sitting on a bookcase or desk.

GRAV Sitter Sherlock

Sherlock pipes are classic. The GRAV sitter may just be our favorite iteration of the design. Totally customizable, the Sherlock Sitter comes in a ton of colors. They look awesome and smoke so well. All of your friends will be asking where you got it. Just make sure none of them get sticky fingers!

Sesh Supply Theseus Pipe x Bubbler Hybrid

We know it’s not a traditional bowl, but this piece is too cool not to mention. The Theseus works as a standard bowl — and that’s all well and good. But what makes it really special is that it can also be used as a spill-proof bubbler, essentially making it two pipes in one. The versatility of the piece, along with its minimal design earned it a spot on our list.

Got a favorite new or super reliable bowl? Drop us a line and tell us about your favorites!