What Is Briteside, Anyway? We're Glad You Asked

What Is Briteside, Anyway? We're Glad You Asked

It seems that as the cannabis industry and the laws that govern it evolve at lightspeed, new businesses enter the marketplace every other (or every single?) day. We hope that continues to be the case, as cannabis consumers — whether they be of the medical or adult use variety — are long overdue in having the ability to enjoy the best cannabis products whenever, and wherever, they choose. At Briteside, we hope this trend continues because our aim...wait...you’re probably wondering something like "um, but what is Briteside?” right about now, aren’t you?

Good question. We're glad you asked.

What is Briteside? It's your best option for ordering cannabis online

The good news is that you now have the ability to purchase and consume cannabis without worry if you live in a state that has seen the light.

Hurray for that!

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However, thanks to a mishmash of laws and regulations, the experience is not as simple or straightforward as enjoying your favorite craft beer or beauty products.

While we don’t have a magic wand to rid the cannabis industry of its confusion and complexity overnight, Briteside is here to help make it easier for you to order cannabis online. That's right, you can order your favorite cannabis products from your favorite local dispensaries online and a Briteside delivery courier will deliver it to your door.

Why does Briteside partner with local dispensaries?

At Briteside, we believe your local dispensaries deserve all the help they can get.

These shops are typically owned and operated by good, knowledgeable people who have a desire to supply cannabis consumers with the best products they possibly can. And we want to help them, as well as the consumers they serve.

Every Briteside partner dispensary has its own page on the the Briteside website where they can list their in-stock inventory. This gives consumers the chance to scan an active menu from their home, or office, or...wherever, really.

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No more standing in line at the dispensary only to find out a particular item is out of stock.

Shoppers can then order their products online, and either pick them up at the dispensary, or — where available — Briteside will deliver them to their residence. Really, Briteside will deliver cannabis to your door.

Give Briteside a try

Whether you opt for in-store pickup, or you prefer cannabis delivery, give Briteside a try. We’d love to help you get your favorite products from your favorite local dispensary.

Oh, and stay tuned. The answer to the question "What is Briteside?" will get much longer in the very near future.

(How's that for a teaser?)

If you have more questions about Briteside, be sure to head over to our FAQ page.