The Whys (and Why Nots) of Weed in the Workplace

The Whys (and Why Nots) of Weed in the Workplace

Companies that operate in areas where medical marijuana is legal should be proactive in reviewing their drug policies. Should they allow the possession and/or consumption of cannabis during work? Could cannabis possibly increase workplace safety?

According to a recent study, legalizing medical marijuana was associated with a “19.5% reduction in the expected number of workplace fatalities among workers ages 25-44.” While more research is needed to confirm, the reduction might be due to people replacing their alcohol or prescription drugs with marijuana.

If someone needs medical marijuana to function better — to experience less pain, for example — using the drug during work can be a big benefit for the company. Someone who isn’t in pain will be much more focused, thus decreasing the chance of getting hurt.

CBD doesn’t cause side effects, which makes it less likely employers will forbid employees from using it while on the job.
Of course, if someone uses a high amount of THC as a medical treatment, the high produced by the drug will likely impede their work. Not only that, but becoming less vigilant is, of course, also very dangerous.

Weed-friendly Jobs

If you’re a recreational weed user, there are some jobs that might be just right for you. First of all, many people with creative jobs — musicians, writers, artists, fashion designers, etc. — use cannabis to get the juices flowing. If you get extra creative after a smoking session, you might want to consider one of these careers.

Becoming a pastry chef is also a nice option. If you like inventing new recipes, why not use cannabis as an ingredient and create some great edibles? If you’ve got an entrepreneurial spirit, you might even be able to start your own business.

Weed Users Need Not Apply

Weed users, especially those who regularly consume THC, should NOT consider jobs that require precision, sharp reflexes, or an emphasis on safety.

These jobs include:

• Driver (public transportation, delivery, etc.)
• Heavy machinery operator
• Surgeon
• Construction worker

…and many, many more.

Note: CBD products won’t get you high, meaning it’s possible to consume those in much more situations than THC products. Yet, it’s important to note that a company policy might state that CBD products are also forbidden during work.