Briteside Releases “The Dopest” Cannabis Commercial

Briteside Releases “The Dopest” Cannabis Commercial

Briteside releases “the dopest” cannabis commercial, according to industry insiders.

To coincide with the launch of their cannabis delivery service, Briteside has released a cannabis commercial unparalleled in the legal marijuana industry.

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Briteside partnered with Sandwich Video out of Los Angeles to produce the commercial. Sandwich’s client roster is chock full of top-tier brands, including Facebook, Starbucks, Uber Airbnb, and Amazon Studios. That impressive list spurred Briteside CEO Justin Junda to reach out to Sandwich.

“When you’re looking to for a video production partner to manage your company’s initial public-facing presence, you have to trust that partner completely,” said Junda. “We saw what Sandwich had done for other companies, and we believe Sandwich delivered a wonderful commercial for us at Briteside.”

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Junda’s sentiment is shared across the cannabis industry. Dope Magazine, one of the most popular marijuana industry publications, called Briteside’s video “The Dopest Cannabis Commercial (Ever)” — that’s high praise.

For those familiar with pharmaceutical advertisements, the Briteside commercial will seem familiar. With one big difference: Humor.

Sandwich and Briteside decided on a creative take blending the calming aesthetic appeal of pharma commercials with a subtle Saturday Night Live-like humor. The result was a “spot on” cannabis commercial.

“I can't tell you the last time I enjoyed a commercial as much as I enjoyed Briteside's first ad," said Andy Williams, CEO of Medicine Man, a cannabis industry leader. "It is spot on, and quite frankly I hope we start seeing more video production like that in our space since it presents cannabis consumption is an everyday, relatable light.”

As for the product itself, Briteside is launching its cannabis delivery service first in Oregon. Successes there will inform future rollouts in other states across the U.S.

Briteside begins with a Shop Now service, which delivers individual online cannabis orders in roughly an hour. Soon, they’ll launch Discovery, a recurring delivery service that introduces consumers to new strains and products. They’re currently taking sign-ups for that service.