These Are The Cannabis Articles You Like To Read

These Are The Cannabis Articles You Like To Read

We publish a lot of cannabis articles here at the Sugar Leaf, and while they all attract plenty of eyeballs, here are the ones readers seem to like the most.

The cannabis industry is booming with no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Sure, there are hurdles (side-eye at Jeff Sessions), but we remain bullish about matters. And while we love to connect you to the best cannabis products, we also enjoy providing you with worthwhile cannabis articles. Of those articles, here are the types our readers engage with the most.

Anything by Angela Bacca

We are fortunate to have Oregon-based industry guru Angela Bacca as a regular contributor to the Sugar Leaf. She’s incredibly well-versed in all things cannabis, from growing to policy, and her insights never disappoint.

Chris Roberts’ wordsmithing

Chris Roberts is an OG writer in the marijuana world with bylines in just about every cannabis publications you’ve heard of. From San Francisco, he supplies us with editorial goodness twice monthly, and our readers love his work.

Classical music as a smoking backdrop

No lie, we were kind of surprised by how well these posts performed, but hey, we’re happy to learn our readers have high-brow musical tastes. Our Classical Music for Marijuana series is relatively new, and we look forward to publishing more installments.

Law and politics

There are no two ways about this: Given the mishmash of federal, state, and local laws related to cannabis, it is impossible to understand the industry today without following law and politics closely. These are always at the top of our most read cannabis articles.

Cannabis industry did-you-knows?

Not a week goes by that we don’t come across some tidbit of information that makes us say “hmmmm.” In its nascent state, the cannabis industry is littered with new findings that easily make their way into conversations. “Say, did you know….?”

Music recommendations

It’s no secret that music is a perfect cannabis complement. In addition to our classical series and best of the month recommendations, we also have a robust collection of other music articles. And they ALWAYS get tons of interaction from readers.

Cannabis 101 information

People love to learn about cannabis. And as the industry grows, more people are wanting to have their questions answered. Our 101-type cannabis articles are big time favorites of our readership. And we’re always building out this content.

Whatever the angle, we’re always working to get you the most helpful cannabis articles. Shoot an email to to let us know what you'd like to read more about, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter, so we can fill your timelines with some good stuff.