This Is How Briteside Delivery Works

This Is How Briteside Delivery Works

So you want to know how Briteside delivery works, right? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

But first things first, let us all pause for a moment to reflect on the wonder that is legal cannabis. It really is amazing, isn’t it? And though we still have a long way to go in our fight for further legalization and decriminalization, we stand in a fairly remarkable place today considering where we’ve come from.

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What’s more, not only can we (in some states) freely purchase and consume cannabis, we can even (in some places) order cannabis online have it delivered to our homes. Which, is why you’re reading this now.

Okay, okay. Now back to explaining how Briteside delivery works.

Briteside partners with your favorite local dispensaries

The key to understanding how Briteside delivery works is knowing that all the products we offer come from your favorite local dispensaries. It’s true. Each of our partner dispensaries has their own page on our site where they regularly update which products they have in stock.

When you visit the Briteside website, the inventory you see listed is the same inventory you’d find if you walked into your favorite dispensary. The main difference being that you can peruse the menu from the comfort of your couch, your bed, your office chair, your pool float, your...well, you get the point.

Gone are the days of driving to the dispensary only to find out your preferred products aren’t available.

We can recommend products or your can choose on your own

If you know exactly what products you want, great. You can head over to our “Shop Now” page and select those items to go in your cart.

However, if you need a little help deciding, you can sort through our menu by product category (flower, edibles, topicals, etc), strain type, or the desired mood you want to enjoy during your cannabis experience. Once you’ve filtered down the menu to your liking, you can choose the right products for you and put them in your cart.

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Tell us when and where to deliver your cannabis products

Once you’ve filled up your cart with your favorite cannabis products, you tell us when and where to deliver them, so long as you live in an area where cannabis delivery is permitted.

You can even opt for in-store pickup if you want.

As of now, Briteside operates on a cash on delivery (COD) basis. What that means is you don’t have to pay until your online order has been delivered to your residence.

And don’t forget, Briteside can only deliver cannabis to the person that ordered it. So if you made the order, we can only deliver it to you personally.

To get started, visit our “Shop Now” page. But if you still have questions about Briteside, head over to our FAQ page or our "What Is Briteside, Anyway?" post. 

*If you live in a Briteside market that does not allow residential delivery, it’s all good. You can still make your order through our site, and then pick it up at your favorite dispensary. We’ll have it waiting on you.