3 Reasons You Should Order Cannabis Online

3 Reasons You Should Order Cannabis Online

If you’d told cannabis consumers a decade ago that they’d be able to order cannabis online in just a few short years, your statement would likely be met with one of two responses: A hi-five or a skeptical “yeah right” look of disbelief.

But here we are, friends. It’s 2017, and in a handful of states you can have cannabis delivered to your doorstep.

What a time to be alive!

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And while it’s pretty tough to replicate the enjoyable experience of visiting a top-tier dispensary and holding a conversation with a knowledgeable budtender — the sommeliers of spliff — it’s also really nice having someone deliver your favorite cannabis product to your residence.

With that in mind, here are three reasons you should order cannabis online and have it handed to you on your front porch. And if this list whets your cannabis appetite, try making a Briteside delivery order. 

No long lines

Even if you’re a “people person,” your preferred environment for interacting with other humans probably isn’t waiting in a (sometimes long) line at a store. If we’re wrong about you in this regard, ignore this bullet point, but we’re just going to assume you prefer face-to-face interaction as opposed to staring-at-the-back-of-a-stranger’s-head “interaction.”

You can stay in your PJs

Okay, technically you can wear your jam-jams to a dispensary (we’re not hating on that). But on the chance you subscribe to fashion-based social norms, going out in public requires something like jeans and a t-shirt, at least. Sometimes, though, you don’t want peel out of your fleece pajama pants and abandon your Netflix binge to drive to the dispensary. In moments like those, a cannabis hand-off at your door is probably preferable.

Keeps your schedule simple

Like your daily schedule isn’t hectic enough already — throwing in an extra errand to pick up cannabis sometimes doesn’t make for an easy addition to your adulting checklist. For shame! If you’re up to your eyeballs in chores and errands and other pressing matters, just order cannabis online and have someone bring it to you so you can keep knocking out your other responsibilities.

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And remember, when you do order cannabis online, order with Briteside. We partner with the best local dispensaries to bring your favorite products directly to you.

It’s that simple.

Have questions about Briteside? That's a-ok. Either head over to our FAQ page or give our "What Is Briteside, Anyway?" post a read.

*We would be remiss if we didn't include this one caveat: In order for Briteside to deliver cannabis to your residence, you must live in an area where cannabis delivery is permitted. That said, if you do live in a Briteside market where delivery is not (yet!) permitted, you can still order cannabis online and pick up your Briteside order at your favorite dispensary.