The Ultimate Guide for Cannabis Brands

Ruby Farms is nestled deep within the mountains of Bend, Oregon, producing high quality and consistent cannabis with its unique micro-farming program that allows special care tailored to each plant. Ruby Farms uses its employees combined experience of 100+ years in dealing with cannabis to cultivate strains with rare genotypes to provide even burning, taste-filled, clean green certified cannabis that is consistent and clean. Ruby Farms offer quality cannabis and cannabis products including pre-rolls, Ruby J's, Ruby Oil, Ruby Caviar, and Ruby Glass Jars. Ruby J's are offered in indica, sativa, hybrid and CBD strains to provide customers high quality cannabis conveniently pre-rolled and served in a shrink wrapped tin package to ensure a fresh "J" every time. Ruby Oil is freshly distilled in their revolutionary distillery to ensure a high terpene profile and high concentration of THC and CBD. Ruby Farms distillate, or "the clear" is used in edibles and vape cartridges and derives from only the highest quality, clean green cannabis. Ruby Caviar will take your cannabis experience to a new level. Ruby Caviar is made from fine cannabis nugs dipped in Ruby Farms premiere oil and kief creating an extremely potent bud. Ruby's Glass Jars are offered in 1/8 and 1/4 ounce varieties to ensure fresh cannabis. All Ruby Farms flower is stored and sold in these glass jars. With thoughtful products that will enhance any cannabis user experience, Ruby Farms products can be found at dispensaries and retailers throughout Oregon.

Why do cannabis brands matter?

There are so many different cannabis strains and brands, it can be hard to figure out which one is best for you. When you walk into a dispensary, the employees can tell you about different cannabis brands and strains. But what about the necessary information when you want to buy cannabis online? Well, Briteside’s website is designed to give you all the information you need about the different brands and strains, so you can easily make a choice.

We aim to educate our customers, and other people whom are interested, about medical marijuana, CBDTHC, cannabis strains and all the famous and popular brands.

When you go grocery shopping, you’re most likely going to buy the same brand of chocolate and shampoo each time. Why? Because you’re familiar with it, you know the products are of a certain quality, and you feel good consuming these products. It’s the same with cannabis brands. It’s all about trust and familiarity.

Cannabis strains

Every brand has a menu of several strains with engaging names. These names allow you to recognise the products you tried and liked, so you can easily buy them again and again. But you shouldn’t pick a cannabis strain just because you like the name, but because of the way it makes you feel. And that’s why we aim to describe each strain and brand, so you know what to expect. Symptoms the cannabis might relieve, the kind of high it gives you… We’ll tell you everything.

Let’s say you’re looking for pain relief during the day for example, but don’t want to get high, then a strain high in CBD and low in THC might be the perfect fit.

Briteside and education

In our opinion, education about cannabis is extremely important. That’s why we aim to give you as much information as possible about medical marijuana, CBD, legal developments, and more. You can find this information on the different pages of our website, as well as on our blog The Sugar Leaf.